Thursday, October 5, 2006

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!
Fall is a busy time of year around here! First in the beginning of Sept. it is Bryan's birthday then we have a few in between with family and friends... then there is TREVOR'S! I can't believe that my little prince ~ or shall I say Pirate! LOL
turned THREE on the 29th... almost a week ago! Wow!
He sure is getting so big so fast... not only is he getting taller and weighing more,
obviously, but he is just getting so smart and becoming such his own little person!
It is amazing to watch them grow! He is also getting quite fresh... but I think
that comes with the age. The other night he got in trouble for
throwing something at his father... which actually did hit him right near his eye,
but he got a swat on the tush and sent to his room for a time out.
So when Bryan went in to ask him if he knew why he was in trouble...
Trevor responded... "well I know that you spanked me like a dog!" He said
it so animated and so serious. Bryan and I were cracking up.
It was soooo funny! We don't even know where he would get such a thing from.
Oh, kids say the darndest things. LOL
Tomorrow my girls are going to be ONE!
Yep, one whole year ago I was in labor with them, and thanking God that they were
going to be okay, and that I didn't have to have c-section!
I can't believe more then the fact that Trevor is THREE that Lauren and Brooke
are really going to be ONE! My goodness where the hell does the time go?
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that they are going to be a year old...
Not that I'm rushing it at all, it is going plenty fast on it own,
I'm just anxious to see what they will be like when they are two and three.
I think it just gets to be more fun, they start to talk and get their own little personalities and opinions.
Trevor makes us laugh so much, that I can't imagine what it will be like to have three of them running around and being crazy. ;-)
Speaking of running around... Brooke is an avid walker... she no longer crawls really. Only once in a while will you catch her crawling around... most times
she is walking around like she has been doing it forever.
Really too cute... she is so little and when you see her walking it is kind
of funny.. you wouldn't think she would be able to do it. But she does.
She has amazing balance... she hardly ever falls down. You will see her wobble some, but she catches herself before she falls.
Lauren could walk if she really felt like it... a week ago today she took her first
three steps at my moms house... she had practiced all day long with a push toy.
She hasn't done it again, but she is pretty happy crawling and being the only one who doesn't walk in our house means that she definitely gets carried. ;-)
Well that is enough for now... I have some pictures I will down load later.
(TaTa For Now!)


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