Thursday, February 22, 2007

Check Up For The Girls & more

So today Lauren and Brooke had a check up, and got three shots each... boy oh boy they were NOT happy at all about any of it! They actually did better with the shots then they did with getting weighed and measured. : ( I have to admit, I would rather get a shot then get weighed these days too! : ) Ha!
It was a rough beginning but it went smooth once we got them calmed down and they had a little break before shots... and after the shots, they were okay pretty quick... I think more then it hurting them, they get pissed off! Like how dare mommy hold me to let this lady stick me with this horrible thing... what the hell?!
So they are both doing great, and about the same difference as they have been apart in weight and height since Lauren decided she wasn't going to be the runt any more...
Lauren: 33.5 inches 27.6 lbs ~ she is in the 97th percentile for height... who could guess, and the 90-95th percentile for weight... so in other words she is just PERFECT!!!! : )
Brooke: 32.3 inches 22.4 lbs ~ she is in the 75-90th percentile for height.. she is getting there, and she is the 50th percentile for weight... she has been here for a while... so again in other words for Brooke too, she is PERFECT!!!! : ) I couldn't imagine either of them any different, they are just so beautiful and perfect it is unbelievable!
So that is the news from today, well at least about the girls! Trevor had another EXCELLENT day in school today! He is really doing so great... I'm not surprised because I know how he is when we are at home and there is no one to 'show off' for so I was just hoping he would figure it all out and do as good as I knew he could! He is just so smart, I'm glad that he is going to a school environment and getting to explore all that knowledge he has and learn some more. : ) I miss him like crazy when he is gone, but I guess it is a good way to prepare us for a full day of kindergarten in a yr & 1/2.
And I guess some other news, not for those of you that live around here, but we got some more snow today! I know it sucks... well unless you own a snowmobile or some other fun ATV made for snow ~ although I think snowmobiles are the only thing... but I could be wrong. But whatever I guess it is winter time so it is supposed to do this crap, but I thought we were going to sneak by this year with hardly any snow... and really we haven't gotten that much... but really this is enough. : )
I'm going to sign off for this post and maybe add some pictures... after all that is what everyone wants to see! : )
TTFN... Jenn


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