Thursday, February 15, 2007

I know that these are a little bit late, but here are some Christmas pictures... I didn't get to take as many as I would have liked to... or as many as I would normally take, but it was crazy, and busy and sooo much FUN!!! The girls each got a little Graco umbrella stroller, and that was all they cared about... they didn't even want to open any other presents. We tried to get them to open some more things and they would just get mad at us for taking away their stroller. : ) Trevor, who we thought would be really into it, and tearing open presents, was really into getting presents, and seeing all the ones that were just for him... but he only wanted to stack them in a HUGE pile and just look at them, he didn't want to open ANY of them. It was interesting... but then he finally opened a few, and then of course, like any little kid, he wanted to play with the toy he just opened, and then there when opening any more. : ) We didn't mind, it was nice to see he was enjoying them. : ) At Grandma and Grandpa Brown's house, they got probably as many presents there, as they did from Santa. : ) The girls did a little better at my parents house, maybe they got the actual idea of opening a present... but Trevor still wanted to save all his. : ) I really admire that about him, because when I was little I always wanted to save some presents to open later, or the next day... but I never was able to do it. I always had my presents opened before both my brothers... and so excited about each and every one of them. : ) I love Christmas.


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