Friday, March 2, 2007

A special visit

Sometimes things happen in your life that you are so grateful for... people come into your life and make it that much greater. You love, you are happy. You loose you are sad... but all in all you are still glad that you had the opportunity to love. To have the feeling of complete happiness and joy. I have two brothers who mean the world to me, I love them so much... and of course would do anything for them, and they bring me much happiness... I also have another brother and a sister in the world that mean the same to me. We may have missed some time here and there, but in my heart I have always loved them... and I know no time. These are some pictures of my brother Carlos and his girlfriend Ariel. I haven't seen Carlos since he was 8 yrs old, he is now 21 yrs old... it has been a long journey... but finally we got to see him again. It was the greatest feeling! I really hope that one day we get to see Jessica, my sister, again.
Trevor was too busy playing to take a picture with Carlos and Ariel... but here is Brooke and Lauren with them. We all had such a great visit... it was so wonderful to sit and talk about all the fun times we had, and to see where life has taken him and what he is doing now, and the man he has become. He is handsome and a really good person, with a great heart and spirit. I'm proud of him, and so glad that we are now going to stay in touch with each other.
Everything in your life, good or bad, happens for a reason...


Anonymous said...

I think airial likes the girls

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