Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Update... again!

Hi everyone... I know it has been FOREVER since I have posted anything here... I'm not even sure if anyone reads this or I should say checks this any more, but here is a post for you all.
I just thought I would give a little family update and write about where everyone seems to be...
Bryan and I officially tied the knot and now are married... we did this on 5/19/07... it was great, everything went perfect and the kids had a blast!!! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding! ; )
Trevor is almost done with pre-school for the year. He's last day is 6/20... I'm looking forward to having him home all day long and not just in the afternoons... but I'm also kind of concerned about how to con't to teach him letters, numbers, and all the other things they have been working on all year long with him... not that he will necessarily forget it by next Fall, but just that I want to keep him mind stimulated and keep him on the learning path and maybe get him better at writing and some other things he'll need for kindergarten, although he still has one year of pre-school before that. Speaking of one more year of pre-school... he is possibly going to be going a full day next year.. and at Duggan school where he will be in kindergarden... so that is good news... although I'm still trying to adjust to the idea of him being gone from home a full day already. He seems kind of young to have to be at school a full day... I mean he will have the rest of his life to deal with full days of school and work and all that... I think I might only send him half a day every other day or something... I'm still trying to figure it all out in my head... but it isn't even a definite plan with the pre-school they are still trying to get some grants aproved to fund it. Back to summer... I think that since he is showing a lot better behavioral skills with other children and with listening and just in general I think we need some sort of structure and some routine even when he is not in school this summer. I have looked into summer programs for him, but he isn't old enough just yet for ones that I was interested... and they are really quite pricey around here. So I'm trying to plan some things now... if anyone has some websites I could get some ideas from or some print out to work on letters and all that... I would really appreciate it.
Lauren is doing good, she is talking a lot now... real words and rambling on things that maybe make sense to her, but don't make any sense to the rest of us... but it is pretty entertaining and funny. ; ) She is really into hugging everyone too, well, not everyone... but family members... especially Brooke and Trevor. She is painfully shy with strangers... she really seems scared of them... like she is going to have a nervous break down if they come any closer or don't stop talking to her and go away as soon as possible. She will dig her little fingers into me or Bryan as hard as she can, and burry her little face and body into us as far as she can... hoping that they will just go away from her. I feel really bad that she is this upset... but I was also not fond of strangers when I was little so I'm hoping she will outgrow that soon... although some fear is a good thing... I think sometimes that Brooke would be willing to go with almost anyone in the store, if they let her WALK... another big issue we are having... all they want to do it walk... every where we go, they beg to walk and try so hard to get out of the stroller... it just is NOT a feasible plan to let them walk... we have our hands full enough with them in the stroller and Trevor walking... who does NOT stay with us at all and has NO fear of being all the way across an entire store by himself or even across the entire mall by himself. I don't think he would actually go with someone... but they could take him very easily when he is so far from us. We, of course, try to keep a tight rein on him... but he is fast! I worry every time we are in the stores with him that I will loose him. It is horrible. :(
Brooke is doing good too... she is talking up a storm as well, not so much rambling... but just like Lauren she tries to copy anything you say to her or she hears. ; ) They both love to talk on the phone... they will talk to anyone... and they do pretty good with paying attention and answering questions... of course Brooke will say NO to everything anyone asks her... it is her standard answer. Lauren loves to say yes... she even enunciates it so perfect and clear. They are getting funnier and funnier every day. We love to see them each grow as individuals, but it is also fun to watch them all together too! ;) Trevor takes the roll of big brother very seriously and has been trying to help out with taking care of the girls and also teaching them things.. he is doing a great job. : )
We are going to be doing our first family vacation for this summer... this weekend we are going to Six Flags in NJ... we aren't going for very long ... but it will be a good way to break us all in and see how we do. It will be Lauren and Brooke first time in a hotel, but they have been on vacation before. Bryan and I are really looking forward to it and hoping for great weather and also good behavior and a GREAT time had by all... our very close friends, that don't have children yet are going to go with us so they will be a wonderful help with the kids... and really you do need about 5 adults for three kids in an amusement park. LOL .... well not really I think we might still be out numbered. Trevor is really anxious.. he doesn't remember going to Myrtle beach the summer before the girls were born so he doesn't remember staying in a hotel ever... so this will be an adventure for him. ;)
Well I think I have rambled on enough for one post... hope all is well with all of you and that you are all ready for lots of summer fun.


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