Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Belated 4th...

Happy belated 4th of July! I hope everyone had a good one! I don't have any pictures from the 4th of July... or actually any pictures from any of our 4th of July parties either. I was totally slacking with the camera. : ( I'm disappointed... I usually take millions of pictures at everything... but lately, I feel like I just have time to feed the kids and chase them around instead of taking pictures, eating, talking to people that sort of things at BBQ's. The girls are at a rough age for taking them places. They are too big to stay in a playpen or a play-yard or anything like that... they want to be FREE and run, like the rest of the kids, all over the place. BUT... at the same time, they are too little to do that without constant supervision. It is hard. I wanted to eat and have a few beers and relax at the two BBQ's we went to this past weekend... no such luck though. OH well... next year will be better. And, honestly this year wasn't bad at all. It was fun, it just wasn't the chill out and relax time that I would have loved to have. I do love watching my kids run and play and have a GREAT time though... so that was excellent. Saturday's BBQ was good and the food was great... but there were a lot of people so the girls were a little clingy... but not too bad. Trevor had some kids to play with, but was a little bit "hands on". Like some kids do... which I'm not too worried about. He is learning that it isn't nice... and one day will be big enough to not do it any more and do the right thing. ; )
Then Sunday... the food was good too, and we made ice cream sundaes after dinner... which were EXCELLENT!! It was a little chilly, but no one seemed to mind while we had some yummy ice cream. :D There were less people so the girls were more comfortable to run and play and there were more kids closer to their age... everyone had a good time... even Bryan!! ; )
So anyway... this is all I'm going to post for now... I'll try to get back here later. I have a million things to do today, on top of all the millions of things I have to do every other day! LOL
I'm having a HUGE yard sale starting tomorrow... and going maybe through Sunday or maybe just until Saturday... I haven't decided!! Well anyway, now I'm just rambling on and on!
I'll be back!


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