Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Birthday Party, all weekend!

Trevor's 4th Birthday was a HIT! : ) We pretty much celebrated from Friday until Tuesday! Friday Trevor asked if he could stay home from school, just because he needed a day off. So Bryan and I decided we would let him... I mean really who doesn't need a day off every now and then?? I would like one today. (Brooke and Lauren, mostly Brooke though are extremely CRANKY!!!!!!!!!) Anyway... So we hung out did some fun things... we painted pumpkins, and we played and we just had a really good day!

Then came Saturday, the actual BIRTHDAY day... and I was up until three in the morning decorating and wrapping presents this morning... which was all definitly worth it. Trevor got up and the living room was all decorated for him and his presents were there, it was a nice surprise for him. He loved everything he got for his birthday and of course wanted to open and and use/play with everything imediately. It was okay because we were just hanging out until the afternoon... so we did play with some new toys and make some things, we got Trevor some things that he can make things with like Aquadots, and Bug Maker.

Anyway... later on Saturday, we took Trevor to Chuck E. Cheese, his cousin Katelyn and his Uncle Kevin met us down there, the place was packed and some of the games were broken, but we still had a good time. I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to get, or as I normally get, but I got a few. We left C.E.C's and then went to the mall, it was okay there, we walked around and ate dinner, hung out for a while. Trevor got a new cell phone and a camera from the Disney Store. ;) He was a happy little camper, and Brooke & Lauren each got Mickey Mouse stuffed animals from there too.

Then on Sunday we had Trevor's birthday party... it was GREAT. The kids went outside in the morning and played some, then we all came inside, they hung out and I cleaned/straightened up some and then EVERYONE napped, even Trevor. I was pleased. I knew he would have a better time and enjoy his party better. So while they all napped, I made the cake and some rice krispie treats, and then I blew up about 60 balloons or more, and put them outside every where. Trevor said he wanted an awesome birthday party surprise when he got up, so I really tried to deliver. : ) This year we only did balloons and that was really it... we usually do more and it just gets out of hand money wise... but he was happy as could be with the balloons and they did look great... if I might say-so-myself. : ) Anyway... we had a good party and played volleyball, the kids all got along well and had fun too.

Then on Monday, we kept Trevor home from school because he had been coughing all night long and we knew he didn't fell 100% and also that he didn't [probably] sleep that well. So he had another day off. We did play some new games, Candy Land, and Shrek III match game, and a few of his new HotWheels or Matchbox tracks, but that was it. Mostly he hung out on the couch just enjoying his day off.

Then yesterday was his first day back to school in four days. I was bringing in cupcakes in the afternoon. That was the last of his birthday celebration. It was really cute, and the kids were all really well behaved. : ) Trevor had wanted chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting with chocolate cany on them... so that is what I made them. (well actually Grandma made the cupcakes, I just frosted them and put the candy on them) The kids and Trevor's teachers loved them!! It was a hit!

Here are some pictures from our 5 days of partying. : )

Trevor first getting to his presents from Daddy, Brooke, Lauren and Mommy.

Trevor opening some presents

Look what I got!!

Trevor talking on the phone to Grandma, getting his birthday wishes! : ) ~ looking mighty grown up in this pic too.


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