Friday, November 30, 2007

Polar Bears & Screaming Girls...

There are conversations that happen in our family that are so hysterical they could/would work for stand up comedy!

Here is an example:

Trevor: Daddy, what do I do if a polar bear comes into the yard?
Daddy: What did daddy tell you to do if a bear comes in the yard?
Trevor: I don't know.
Daddy: Yes you do, try to remember.
Trevor: Oh! I know... you said to yell at him till he goes away. (big smile, but said seriously)
Daddy: No, that isn't what I told you to do.
Trevor: Oh yeah... you said to run for my life.
Daddy: No, I said to do something first and when you are close enough to the house to start running.
Trevor: Oh yeah! You said to walk really really (dramatizing the really) slow and calm until, I am close to the house and then RUN like a screaming girl! (big smile again, but still as serious as can be, while we are cracking up!)
Daddy: Yup. That's right.

Mommy: (to Daddy) Did you really tell him to run like a screaming girl?????
Daddy: No... but I did tell him the rest.

We were cracking up! It was so funny how serious he was saying this stuff and that he made it up himself. I don't think I have ever heard anyone around him say ~ "run like a screaming girl". Too funny. And, he also knows that there aren't polar bears around here.


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