Friday, December 14, 2007

Eating out too much???

Trevor is playing "make believe"... this is exactly what he told me too!

He has a little pad and a pencil and he is taking our orders.

Trevor = T

Me = M (Mommy/Me)

T ~ Hi, I'm Trevor. Are you ready?

M~ Hi. Um. Can we have a few minutes?

T ~ Sure. What do you want to drink?

M~ I'll have a cherry coke, thank you.

T ~ And, how about for the little ones?

M~ (chuckling a little bit) they will have some apple juice, please.

T ~ okay. Some soda and some juice for the little ones.

M~ yes. thank you.

T~ Here are your drinks. What do you want to eat?

M~ Bacon cheeseburger with fries.

T~ Okay. and what about the little ones?

M~ (chuckling again) they will have mac n cheese, please.

T~ We are all out of that.

M~ Oh. okay. they will have a grilled cheese sandwich with applesauce please.

T~ Okay. That should be okay.

M~ Thank you.

T~ I'll be back with your food.

M~thank you.

T~ okay.

I love the ".... and for the little ones?" LOL how cute is that. The conversation went on some more when he brought us all our food and then asked if we needed some new refills on the drinks. LOL too cute!! But, I'm beginning to wonder if we eat out just a little too often. ;o)

Toodles ~


Daddy Dan said...

That's too cute, Jennifer! How old is Trevor?

Jennifer said...

daddy dan~ thanks for the comment! Trevor is 4! Although the things he comes up with is unbelievable sometimes! :) Gotta love kids and the way they think of things!

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