Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Monday Morning Madness!

Well at least it feels like a Monday morning. Well, maybe not. We have chaos and crud almost every school morning. I think for a four year old it is a little early to get them up and rush them around to the bathroom, and getting dressed and eating something and then hat, coat, gloves, boots, book bag and out the door. Who am I kidding... it is early for me to do all that with my son.
When we are just going to be at home and hang out, we never rush breakfast and have it as soon as their little feet hit the floor. We relax and change pampers and watch some cartoons and then get around to eating, once they have an actual chance to wake up first. But, on school mornings there isn't even time to wake up before walking out the door to meet the bus. Although, thanks to Old Man Winter, who has decided to grace us with his presences again, as soon as you do walk out the door there isn't much choice other than to wake up... since it is freezing and windy and snowy!! I cannot believe the other day it was 45 out ~ first that it was that warm (I use the term loosely) and that all the snow was melting and you actually didn't mind it being "winter" and then it dumped about 12'' of snow for us! GREAT!! grrrr. Also, I cannot believe that we consider 45 to be WARM. What the heck??? 45 is cold! Cold I tell you! But, I guess it is a lot warmer than the 25 degrees that started 2008 yesterday morning.
Well I hope that although we had a little bit of rough start this morning with Trevor going off to school that he has a good day still. I told him it was his first day in 2008. He quickly corrected me and said that yesterday was the first day of 2008! Smart boy. I meant school day, but I guess I should have been more specific with my wording!!
Today I'm going to straighten up our house from our wild party night and sleep over, which isn't much, thanks to everyone who helped clean up. :) And then I think I might spruce up my blog some, and update some things on it... and add some people to my blog roll and possibly add some pictures too!


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