Friday, April 11, 2008

Friendship Friday ~ 2

Today is the second edition of Friendship Friday!
Last Friday I did a post, which you can see HERE on
also helped me out by posting too!!
She joined in the FIRST, Friendship Friday!
And as amazing as she is... she came up with this awesome picture for us to use as our logo!
You can check her out at the above link and read her
1st Friendship Friday post HERE
and her 2nd Friendship Friday post (from today)
about Carrie at her FOUR blogs!
So... with out further ado... I give to you Janine!!!
Janine also has a bunch of blogs... and they are all equally good to one another!
I tried to see which one was my favorite and I couldn't do it.
I have to admit that I must have been living under a HUGE rock lately,
because I never knew that Janine had all these blogs... DUH!!
But I will share them with each one of you!
I know you will LOVE them just as much as I have...
she is a great writer and has a wonderful sense of humor!!
The first blog is...
I think that most of you can relate to Janine's ramblings on her SAHM blog!
Next blog up is...
yes! this woman is a pure genius!! she really is!!
I love this idea so much, that I have asked Neen for permission to use it too...
of course I'll give it another name, that would just be wrong to steal everything
from the brilliant woman... but the idea is marvelous!! :)
You MUST check this out!!
Third is...
This will just have you rolling on the floor in tears! I tell ya!
She is good. Just go over there for a quick peek...
Well go ahead... I'll wait.
Yeah.. you see that first picture and you will be hooked!
And also laughing really hard!!
And last but certainly not least...
yeah! remember when we (Allie, Angela & Myself) were looking for some NEW and yummy recipes??... well HERE they are!! A blog dedicated to recipes!!
I told you... she is that good!!
You MUST go read all these blogs!!
All of them!! Yes!!
Okay so, I'm not going to type any more on here,
because I know you are all going to be busy reading on
Jeanine's blogs and also over at Jenn's and then on to Carrie's.
So I won't keep you!
Have fun! Enjoy!
And, if you decide to join in on Friendship Friday's then please just leave me a comment and I'll link you and your friend too! ; )


jenn said...

She sounds fun! I'm going to have to check out all her blogs.

Sandy C. said...

You are such a sweetheart. Thanks so much for posting the links. I also added Friendship Friday to my post today (sorry I'm late). I've nominated you!!! :) Have a lovely Friday Jenn!

OHmommy said...

ahhhh... more blogs to check out.

you ARE a sweetheart!

Neen said...

OH my goodness! I am so honored. Thank you so much for choosing me. I hope others enjoy them as much as you do.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~