Friday, August 29, 2008

Crazy FRYday!

So I'm feeling sort of fried out. we are home. we have been home for the week now. my computer is acting like a bratty kid... it just doesn't want to work for me. i also got Trevor's teacher letter for who he will have this year... i'm not happy. i tried to change it and i can't. i also got an email from his pre-school teacher who is willing to help me change it... so that is hopeful, but i'm waiting to see exactly what she thinks i should do.

bryan is home today... it is nice. we are going to go grocery shopping. i should be getting the kids ready... but here i sit. i just need to have a break. not sure what kind of break really. but this seems nice. just to completely not do anything or really think of anything other than what keys my fingers are supposed to be hitting.

but i guess my break is over now and i must go back to "work". i will be back on later. bryan is going away tonight and won't be home till Sunday I think.

i have stories to share, and pictures to show... i'll be around soon. i know you are have missed me dearly. lol ;)


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