Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School Days

school days are fast approaching around here. in just two weeks and two days Trevor will be starting school as a full fledged KINDERGARTNER!! wow.
this won't be, however, the first time he is in this school nor will it be the first time he goes to school for a full day or a full week. he went to pre-school last year at the same school, and he was there for the same hours as the elementary school schedule.
BUT he didn't ever go one full week, only because I thought it was way too much for him. he was little. he has 13 years of school ahead of him now... so why add an extra year if it isn't necessary. he had a good time some days, but most he didn't want to go and it was always some sort of problem while there. (hopefully they are getting all the kinks worked out and it will get better ~ last year was the first year they did the integrated pre-school program) so this is going to be a change. 5 days a week, full days too. but I think he will handle it just fine, in fact I know he will do better with it than I will.
I'm going to miss him. I really am. and it is worse if I know he isn't having a good time and I'm questioning how he is being treated there, so hopefully he will LOVE it, like he is leaning towards already without even going yet, and things will run smoothly for us. He is going to have a really great teacher regardless of who they give him, I have heard rave reviews about them all from different people. and he is anxious to go.
I don't share with him, just how much I'm going to miss him. how the house will be so much quieter with out him here. although it sometimes gets under my skin, I'm going to desperately miss all the motorcycle and motocross bike noises and the other silly noises he makes all day long. I'm going to miss him playing with his sisters, and helping out with the dog and most of all I'm going to miss just getting to see his big smile that lights up his beautiful eyes all day, and his great hugs and kisses that I get randomly through out the day. he is my mush.
so we have two weeks and two days to do some really fun and great things. this weekend we are going camping. so that is good. then sometime this week and next i want to get some time in at the parks. we haven't done any of the local playgrounds this summer. i guess just too busy with camping and doing some other things, but I know they all enjoy them, so we are going to try to get to those. even if we wait till Bryan gets home and we do them then, that will be a little less time but a lot more fun. he likes to chase them around and he goes down the slides and climbs all over with them too. ;)
I was thinking of another picnic lunch today, we have done only two this summer (I know, I know... I'm a slacker!) but, it is supposed to rain today so that is out. unless we have one inside. that would work I guess. I could make them a blanket tent over the table and they could picnic under that. we did that before and they like it. ;)
I have some things to do around here, of course... so I'm going to go do them while the kids play quietly together. Trevor & Lauren are in his room playing so nicely with his castle stuff and Brooke, who rarely watches tv, is glued to the tv. they were all up at 6:30 this morning, so maybe they are a little too tired to fight with one another just yet. lol
as for me, I'm trying desperately to be a "good girl" so I can earn a trip to wal-mart to get the second, third and possibly the fourth book in the Twilight series... I'm dying for them... I finished the Twilight book last week, and I am almost loosing sleep over not having the next one in the series, but since I know I will just devour it... I want to get all three of them. I cannot wait. I dream about it... I dream about Edward and Bella, mostly Edward though.


Allie Bear said...

I wish Nicholas was going full day this year, he did last year and loved it. Unfortunately, in Oklahoma pre-k is only 2 1/2 hours and I kind of feel like that is a waste, of course, I'm one of those parents that pushes my kid probably way too hard. I think Nicholas should be bumped up to Kindergarten because he already knows everything they are supposed to teach him this year but they won't do that.

Stephanie said...

See, there you go again, making me fell like a mean mommy! :P J/K But really, I don't miss them. Never. But like I said, I would probably miss them if they didn't like school. Or at least I would feel bad if they didn't like it.

Hope you have fun on your camping trip as well!

Maybe they will stay quiet for you today. It's been very quiet here since the big girls started back to school, I LOVE IT!

Have a good day!

jenn said...

I really need to go to the library and find these twilight books everyone is talking about. I know I live under a rock, but who's the author???? (I know about mystery and horror, not so much the supernatural)

Anyway, after a few weeks or months of trevor going to school, you will learn to hate the days off! I know, I know, that sounds horrible, but it will get so nice to just be with the girls for that part of the day, and you'll get into a routine...or maybe I'm just a horrible mom that I LOVE when the kids are in school. This morning, I went back to bed and slept until 10:30! It was soooo nice to worry only about myself for a little while. Hubby was out of work with his shoulder since january, and didn't go back to work until just before scholl let out for summer vacation, so it has been a LONG time since I've had "me" time. I am so looking forward to enjoying every second!!!!

So, how are you? Things all worked out and you're feeling better? I hope so!!!

love ya!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm sure it is hard, but hopefully you are right and he will love his kindergarten class. I'm glad he's excited about it. And it sounds like you have some great plans for your final 2 weeks and 2 days!

Sandy C. said...

Oh Jenn...I'm all weapy here reading this. Having them grow up and leave us little by little is so bittersweet :( I hope Trevor has a wonderful time this year. He's such a sweetheart and is so adorable, I'm sure he'll have a ton of friends :)

As for the books, I will have to see what all this Twilight madness is all about!

Kellan said...

I hope he LOVES Kindergarten and I just bet he will! Have fun camping! My kids go back on Monday - wish we still have 2 weeks left.

Take care - Kellan


We love camping! I hope schools goes well.

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