Thursday, August 21, 2008

~thursday thirteen~

seems like i'm getting a late start here. i usually post in the morning or at least ealier in the day than this... but Bryan has the kids outside... they are all taking a four-wheeler ride.

i am supposed to be packing and getting things ready to leave tomorrow for camping.

i want to be doing that... but for some reason it just isn't in me...

i have done some. i still have a bunch more to go though.

so here is today's thursday thirteen
~13 things i should be doing~
1. dusting my house
2. vacuuming my house
3. washing laundry
4. folding laundry & putting it away
5. getting clothes ready to pack
6. making beds in the camper
7. packing everything up in the camper
8. washing dishes
9. getting pajamas & bath stuff ready
10. making a list of things I need to do tonight (besides this one)
11. make a list of things i have to do tomorrow
12. make arrangements for the animals that will be left here
13. make sure i have everything for Zoe to go with us
okay... that's all i got.


jenn said...

so, how much did you get done????


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