Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bad Day...

You know what is worse than feeling like crap?? Having your little guy or girl feeling like crap. :( My poor Trevor isn't feeling well at all.
Yesterday morning he crawled into bed with Bryan and I around 7 AM and told us he didn't feel to good in his belly... within less than a minute he was dry heaving and we got him up out of the bed and to the dogs water bowl just in time before there was a huge mess. : ( We got him a cool washcloth and washed his face and hands and then let it sit on the back of his neck and his forehead since he said he was really hot. Must have been from throwing up and just feeling crummy because he was a cool as a cucumber.
He sat on the couch and watched some cartoons and just hung out for a little bit.... then we convinced him to take a shower, that it would maybe make him feel better. He got out looking a lot better than he went in looking. He had some color back in his face and he was actually in a great mood.
Since he was acting a lot better and it being only the second day of school we got him dressed and ready for the bus. He was happy... he was even dancing around in the driveway waiting for the bus. I felt okay with sending him... I had also put a note in his book bag saying that he was sick in the morning and that if there was any problem what-so-ever to just call my cell phone and I would be there immediately to pick him up.
I didn't get any phone calls all day. I was relieved that he hadn't gotten sick again and that he must have been feeling better. yay.
I picked him up from school and he looked horrible. He had NO color in his face, he was clammy and he looked so sad. Broke my heart. So I brought him home and he had some diarrhea. Fell asleep on the couch for a little while and woke up feeling and acting okay again. We had to get some groceries so we loaded all three kids up and off we went. Trevor sat in the bottom of my cart the entire trip... not usual, but he said he was feeling okay, maybe he was just tired from two days of new school and still not really feeling 100%.
We went to eat dinner after shopping and Trevor ate like his normal self, he did good. I thought that we were over the bug and I was glad it was so quick for him.
Well low and behold this morning I feel this little body climbing into my bed... it is Trevor. He said he had a bad dream so I snuggle up to him and get him under the blankets and tell him that everything is okay... it was only a dream and he should close his eyes and rest. Besides he was in bed now with Mommy & Daddy and everything was going to be okay.
He starts complaining that he is hot and doesn't want any covers on. So I take them off of him and feel his forehead... he is clammy again. :( Within a few seconds he is dry heaving again and we *almost get him to the dog bowl this time. He then has to go to the bathroom because he says his belly is killing him and he has to go potty. To make a long story short he has been in the bathroom having diarrhea all morning and also throwing up all morning too. I'm trying to give him some fluids, but he doesn't keep them down at all. He will take a sip or two of water and within a few minutes he is throwing it all back up. Poor little guy doesn't even have anything to throw up though, which makes throwing up so much harder.
He had some dry cereal and some water again about 15-20 mins ago, and so far so good... so I'm really hoping and praying that this is the end of the nasty bug and that he will keep this down and be okay.
He was concerned all of a sudden for his friends in school because he had hugged them and now he thinks they will be sick too. :( I hope he is wrong about them getting sick and I feel so bad that he is worrying about them, but it is nice to know he likes them enough to worry about them... like I'm doing something right with raising him... he is caring and compassionate.
I'm off to put the girls for naps, they were up very early today too, and they are winding down w/ their energy levels... I can tell it is nap time. For Mommy too. ;)


Stephanie said...

I am sorry he is so sick, poor boy :( I hope he is feeling better by now.

Poor mommy too! I hate vomitting. I hate cleaning it up and more than that I hate vomitting myself. I would rather feel ill for a week than throw up and fell better in a matter of minutes.

Pregnantly Plump said...

Poor little guy! I'm so sorry he isn't feeling well.
Hopefully that bug will completely end this weekend, and none of the rest of you will catch it!

Sandy C. said...

Oh no! Poor thing! There is nothing worse than having to vomit :( I hope whatever bug he has clears up soon and everyone steers clear of getting it. Rest and fluids for everyone.

Big hugs to Trevor.

jenn said...

jenn ~ I don't know how I missed this yesterday! I hope the little man is feeling better today. I have a 24 hour rule with throwing up and school. The kiddos need to be puke free for 24 hours before they can go back.

I hope you, hubby, and the girls don't get sick. It's not fun when the mommy is sick too.

And how big a heart does little man have worrying about the other kids? What a sweetie!!!!

Have a great day today! We're headed to the zoo, so I'll check back later! (and hopefully hear that you have had a puke-free day!)

love ya!

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