Friday, November 28, 2008


500! although the post before this one hardly counts as a post because of the amount of words in it... but since what is says is pretty serious, then I guess I'll count it. :)

I went shopping this morning. I got up at 3:35 AM and headed off to Wal-Mart for all the HOT sales. I've gone other years... and I have to say that this year... was HORRIBLE!! I mean a total mess!! wow. It was as if they had no idea that today was Black Friday.

We got there around 4 AM. ~ We being, Heather, Barb, Rachel & myself... and we had to wait in line, in the store, thankfully, b/c the line did end up going out of the store and onto the sidewalk, for an hour. The sales started at 5 AM and last year they let you in the store to walk around before that... this year... no such luck.

The hour went fast though, so that was good. But then the HELL began. Barb and I went off to the toys... Heather headed for the DVD's and clothes, and Rachel went to electronics... we had a plan and we were going to get everything on our lists!

YEAH right!!

the store was crazy. people were sort of nice, in a PUSHY way. they had NO idea what they had, they had NO idea how many they had... it was so unorganized and chaotic! they also didn't have everything that was advertised in the flyer... to which they replied, "if they didn't have it, they didn't have it and they weren't responsible for not having it." GREAT!

one of the things they had that I was trying to get, the one thing that was a BIG thing on my list for Trevor, because I knew he really wanted/loved it was the Batman Wayne Tech Mega Wings, for $30 ~ could NOT find it any where, I don't think they had it at all. Unless it was or IS still in the room that was full from 18 tractor trailer loads of stuff, that they had no idea what was in there.

oh well. I'm sure I'm more upset about it than he will be Christmas morning... when he doesn't even remember that he wanted it because there is so much other stuff.

They had stuff where they didn't even know where it was. In the HUNTING section we found Wii games and DVD's that were supposed to be by Electronics and the other DVD's that were by the food section... no one knew where they were... we found them by accident... but didn't care because we got our Wii Game. :)

I got the kids a bunch of board games, which I'm happy about... I think we will have a GREAT time playing them together! It will be good for them to have something to do that isn't TV or movie or whatever and something that we will do as a family. :)

We got:

  • Memory
  • Cooties
  • Ants in The Pants
  • Trouble
  • Guess Who

and I can't remember if there is more or not... seems like there should be. But I know my parents also got them some...

  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Perfection
  • Operation
  • Sorry

I think. I'll have to check with my mom... I know that Trevor will LOVE Perfection and probably be really awesome at it... and I know he wants Operation... so if they didn't get it then we will. We bought him some big fancy Operation with different modes and stuff... BUT... it sucked! It was NOT fun and hard to figure out and we never even played it... the kids messed around with it and all but that was it... finally some of the pieces were missing and I just got sick of seeing it around, so I threw it out.

I also got the kids some movies... since I'm preaching that I rather have them play games and all that... I wanted to let you all know that I'm human and I do let them watch TV and movies... I pray for that quiet time... for my sanity, I NEED it! Only they don't really watch TV and movies that great... only sometimes. And, only Trevor really... the girls some, but it is hard for them to sit that long. :P

I got them the new Tinkerbell movie and also Wall E. So that is good.

Well today our goal is to clean the house and then decorate some, and then I'm going to try to work on cleaning up more down stairs... hopefully the guy will come soon to start working on our foundation and then we will be able to finish up the downstairs... which I really want, hope and pray will be done before Christmas... although it isn't looking too good. We'll see.

I'm trying to have faith...


jenn said...

Hi! I am just now rolling out of bed! We were at walmart around 6....I wanted the $5 HSM# and hannah montanna dolls. They had them out in garden supplies! lol! Ours was just as unorganized as yours! We left out shopping around 12:45 and went to our mall, then got in line outside of toysrus at 3, and waited 2 hours in the cold...but got everything we wanted. We were like 20th in line, and by the time they opened, there were at least 500 people behind us. I'm not kidding! It was crazy! I got home around 7:30 and crashed! Hopefully I can get a nap sometime today, too. I am exhausted!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~