Wednesday, November 19, 2008

talkin' about closets!

last night Bryan worked on the girls closet and got it looking pretty good. he made two shelves that we can put clothes or toys on and then made a hanging bar and a shelf above that... we have a lot of space now. i just have to get it all painted before i put stuff in there... but that shouldn't take too long.

i also want to work on painting the trim in their room and also to do a second coat around the windows. then in Trevor's room i still have to paint all his trim, his closet, around his windows and also his stripe around his room that is going to be white also. and then there is the second coat in the bathroom and then i'll be done with painting... for now. once the down stairs is done then i will be at it all over again but that will be okay... at least i will get a break in between.

then once we get the downstairs done up.. then at some point once we have some more money saved up... we are going to re-do the kitchen so then i will paint the kitchen. for now i'm just leaving it the plain off white that it is. no use in painting it if we are going to rip everything out and re-do it.

so that is all. for now i'm at my parents and i have some things i need to work on... then later tonight i think i'll work on painting in Trevor's room while Bryan finishes up the shelves in the girls room.

that's all for now.


jenn said...

I love painting! Wish I could hop over and help. Sounds like you're making good progress, though.

LceeL said...

Busy, busy, little bee. I miss your comments, however. You don't love me anymore?

B Boys Mom said...

Thats a lot of painting! I'm not a big fan of painting. I have to do my ceiling in my kitchen. I bought to paint but have not done the painting.

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