Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Baby Boy

So my little guy is sleeping in my bed right now. I'm glad he fell asleep, because then there is less chance for him to throw up more. I really hope when he gets up he feels better. I feel so horrible that he is sick AGAIN.

He has been waking up about once a week for the last four weeks saying his stomach hurts and getting into bed with me, I rub his belly and it never fails that he ends up vomiting. Sometimes he will vomit once, sometimes he will vomit three, four, or five times. It is always a struggle for him to get anything up... sorry if this is TMI.

I'm very concerned about what this could be. I'm trying to stay calm and not worry too much till we go to the doctors and see what they have to say. Which we go tomorrow at 2:00 PM. I hope they can give us some answers. I know I hate to throw up... it is one of the worst things in the world for me to have to deal with... I hate it so much that even at my age I still sometimes cry about it. So it is truly breaking my heart that my baby isn't feeling well and is going through this all the time.

I tried to look it up on the Internet but didn't have much luck. It's probably better that way... who knows what I could find to read and scare myself even more.

**Also my SIL's cousins 7 month old daughter Leah is having a lot of problems, she is having kidney failure, with both kidneys. She is in at Westchester Medical Center and they are trying to figure out what is best to do for her. They first thought that she had a tumor on her one kidney, but they did some more tests and found out it was both her kidneys shutting down. They are very swollen from working over time. This is extremely heart breaking and I ask that you all please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

thank you.


jenn said...

Poor Trevor. I was going to say that he gets tummy troubles a lot, but you shouldn't worry too much about it. Ryan went through this a few years ago, and we went to the doctor, too, and after xrays and tests, it turned out he was juat backed up. We ended up at the gastroenterologist (sp?) whose said all he needed was more fiber, and prevacid. I'm sure Trevor is fine, so don't worry. I know that's easier said than done when it is your own child, but try, kay?

I hate to hear about the baby. I hope they figure out what is wrong soon.

And I really hope the rest of your day is puke free!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Oh we just went through the puke! UGH! i wish you a quick solution soon! As for the baby, Girl, my prayers are with you, her family and her! Again, I pray for a quick solution!

Peace be with you all!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

Oh, poor kiddo! I hope he's feeling better soon.

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