Thursday, February 5, 2009

601 posts

This is my 601 st post on this blog.
I can't believe I made it this far.
I'm actually pretty proud of myself for sticking with this
and blogging as often as I have.
I plan on keeping up with this as much as I can,
and I'd really like to get into the habit of blogging
every day. ]
I want this to become more of a collection of
memories and stories of my life and family
than just rantings or random stuff just to fill up space.
My kids are amazing and they are always doing or saying something
so awesome that the world should know it... or at least the blogging world. lol
So anyway to kick off my 601st post
I thought I'd post 61 things about me, my life, and/or my family.
6 wasn't enough and 601 was too many.
so 61 it is. :)
1. I'm from NY, born and raised. I like being a "New Yorker" but I'd like to live some where warmer.
2. I talk to my mom almost every single day, and lately I have been calling my dad every day too. I like this relationship I have with them.
3. I have all girl nieces on Bryan's side of the family. Trevor is the only grandson.
4. I LOVED being pregnant and often times think of being a surrogate
5. My house is a wreck
6. I'm a procrastinator (I use this on most surveys, memes or things about myself!)
7. I want to move again, although we just moved and I like this house, it is becoming way to much work and I just want something that is already finished.
8. I have a few friends that I consider my ABSOLUTE BEST friends.
9. Bryan and I love having company over. A full house is a happy house.
10. I dread the time between inviting people over and when they actually show up. I try to clean like a mad woman and make sure everything is as perfect as it can be.
11. we have mice in our kitchen. they are totally gross. they won't get caught in the traps either. so they must be really smart.
12. on my side of the family I only have sister in laws ~ b/c I only have brothers. lol
13. I would Love to go to school for something but am scared of starting that chapter in my life and unsure of how I could actually do it... physically, mentally and financially.
14. We are almost out of toilet paper.
15. I love to clean with lemon scented Pine-Sol
16. I clean my bathroom almost every. single. day. (sometimes twice a day)
17. my kids get bathed at least 6 days a week, sometimes seven and sometimes 9 or 10 times.
18. I HATE the Winter.
19. I love watching my children have an "ah-ha" moment when they figure something out.
20. Trevor is doing great in school we just got his second report card, and he is AMAZING!
21. Lauren and Brooke cannot wait to start pre-school.
22. I'm so nervous/anxious to see how they will do without me all day at school.
23. I would love to take photography classes just for my own personal photographs
24. I would LOVE to have another HUGE wedding again. Maybe to celebrate an anniversary of ours we will walk down the isle again.
25. We want to go on a cruise... very badly.
26. We want to take the kids to Disney World ~ very badly.
27. Bryan & I both would love to take a cruise to Alaska and vacation there
28. Trevor's favorite colors are green & black
29. Lauren's favorite color is pink
30. Brooke's favorite color is purple
31. Both girls can spell their first names.
32. Both girls can trace their names when I write it for them.
33. Trevor likes to do his homework and hand it in a day earlier than he has to.
34. I used to work in a dental office as an assistant to the doctor and I LOVED it ~ it was my dream job before being a stay at home mom.
35. I'm thinking of doing massage therapy ~ taking a few courses/classes for that.
36. I think, although I talk a LOT, that I'm a really good listener.
37. I want to loose weight. ~ I want to feel good wearing anything I put on.
38. I'm lazy about trying to actually do something towards loosing weight.
39. After Heather & Chris' wedding I will have been in 5 weddings.
40. I would love a new truck... or newer truck.
41. I miss contributing to our family financially.
42. my three kids have been calling me Jenn lately and at first it didn't bother me, but lately it has been driving me NUTS!
43. we love to go camping. it is so much fun.
44. We want to landscape our entire property and make a better/bigger/nicer yard for the kids and entertaining.
45. I hope I NEVER get neighbors.
46. I love to go on walks, as long as it is with someone else to talk to and pass the time with.
47. I haven't worn a bathing suite in 7 1/2 years.
48. I don't own a bathing suite.
49. I love going to the ocean & would love to live on it... or really close to it.
50. sometimes happy memories depress me b/c those times are gone.
51. I want my kids to have the BEST childhood ever.
52. I love to stamp and scrapbook, and I don't do it often enough
53. we need to laugh more often.
54. I have some of the best friends b/c of blogging
55. I'd love to be a nurse, but don't think I could handle school.
56. I also have seriously considered doing party planning and wedding planning as a career,
but where I live isn't a good area for it.
57. I'm much more social than my husband.
58. I almost always look at people's teeth first when meeting them.
59. I'm thinking this list is pretty sucky ~ b/c most of these things aren't very random.
60. I get a knot in my stomach, nearly every single time I hear my children cry when I'm not in the room with them. I always fear/think the worst. :(
61. I'm really fearful of sexual predators with my children, and other children
I know... it is a very strong fear and sometimes wonder what provokes it,
other than the sick effed up people that make me feel this way in this sometimes
crazy world we live in.
So there you have it... totally random stuff about me. No rhyme or reason to any of it, just stuff that came to me as I typed the list. And really probably not interesting at all. Maybe the next list I do I'll try to do x-number of INTERESTING things about me. :P
CHEERS to 601!


jenn said...

Ready...this might be long...

8 ~ I better be one of them :)

11 ~ try peanut butter, and if that doesn't work, get a cat! lol!

14 ~ if you must, use the phone book! lol!

19 ~ me makes this job we're doing every day seem worth it!

36 ~ I KNOW you are.

37 ~ me too!

38 ~ lol! me too!

42 ~ Ryan does that to me when I am ignoring him...he has also started calling me "woman" in a not so nice tone of voice...I have threatened to smack his mouth on many occasions...

43 ~ us, too...we should go together!!!!

51 ~ me, too, and I think we are both doing an amazing job so far.

54 ~ me too :)

Now...go look at the pictures of our fire this morning...

Anonymous said...

Happy six hundred and first bloggy birthday!...or somethin like that.

You should do a homemade meme next. Just a suggestion...preferrably on Monday.

Annie said...

Happy 601!! I like your list - I love reading the random things about people!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Congrats on 601! I think you are a great mother. I love the way you talk about your kids.
I love camping & lemon pine-sol, too.

AndreaLeigh said...

goodness! i am tired just reading this. i'm not interesting enough to put together a list of 61 things about me. i enjoyed reading more about you though!

i'm glad brooke is feeling better!

AndreaLeigh said...

goodness! i am tired just reading this. i'm not interesting enough to put together a list of 61 things about me. i enjoyed reading more about you though!

i'm glad brooke is feeling better!

AndreaLeigh said...

goodness! i am tired just reading this. i'm not interesting enough to put together a list of 61 things about me. i enjoyed reading more about you though!

i'm glad brooke is feeling better!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Way to go on 601, I guess I need to look and see how much I have done, I should have a blog anniversary
coming this month, sigh!

11. find a feed store and see if they don't have something for barn mice, they'll eat it and go away and die and never smell!! Works great! If you put it in the backs part of your cabinets or behind your fridge when the kids are sleeping- they won't mess with it either!! Alex sat it out with me and never messed with it.

12. me too.

13. I am here waiting to talk to you about it when you are ready to jump!!! I think you would be awesome at it! You have a great sense of strength and determination and I think you would go far!! SO I am waiting!! :}

14. me too.

16. wow...I am about once a week or sooner if it needs it! Am I gross? lol

19. the best part of being a mommy in my mind!!!

20. yay!!
21. yay!!

22. They will do great! But you'll cry and at times, you'll feel lost until you get used to their schedule, then you'll find something else to fill your time while they are at school. You'll cherish family time so much more than you possibly could! After a while, you'll do great too. And you must know that we are here to cheer you on during that time of transition!!

26. Disney has a 1 800 number you can call and it will send you a video so you can start to plan for your next trip!- if you decide to drive to FL you better stop by SC and see Jenn and me!!!

27. oh Sam and I would too!!

31. YAY!

33. continue to encourage this! That is wonderful!!

34. you can go to school to get certified and become a dental hygienist and make some serious money when the kids go to school!!!

42. Have Daddy start calling you Mommy and the kids will pick it back up??

44. I need tips!!!Us too!!

49. (Um, clears throat!!) SC has some beautiful beaches!! ;}

51. me too

53. amen!

58. I do because I can't hear good!

61. me too!!!

SO HAPPY HAPPY 601!!!! take care and have a great day!!!


LceeL said...

Hopefully, by now you've taken care of number 14.

And now I know even more about why I love you so much.

Jessica said...

You know I talk to my mom almost everyday too.

I think this is my first visit to your blog, please feel free to stop by and say hello at my blog as well and even click on the link to follow my blog and I'll be happy to do the same!

Nina said...

61 is a big list... I admire that you are keeping your blog more personal and all about family and stuff. I keep saying I am going to do that but then I enjoy some of my rants so for now mine is a mix but maybe someday I will get away from those rants.

Don't feel bad, I hate wearing a bathing suite also. That is funny your kids keep calling you Jen, my youngest keeps calling his dad by his first name.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~