Wednesday, March 25, 2009


we went to the peds office bc they told me they would do something to help figure out what is going on with Trevor... i called them to see if they would write me a script for a specialist... they said come in and we can do some blood work or whatever and figure out a plan... if need be we'll write you a script for the pediatric gastroenterologist...

what they did...





Nada damn thing!!

they gave him a script for Zantac and want a food log for two weeks... it's complete and utter BS.
the dr didn't talk to Trevor at all. did ask him one single question. did touch him, check him or do anything besides stand there pissing me off! what a jerk. he asked me some questions and whatever answer i gave him him totally blew me off... i made the appt for two weeks and made a journal for them to fill out in school... BUT i'm going to call tomorrow and see if they will just write me a script... enough is enough.
honestly i don't want something to be wrong with my son, but i want something to be right. i don't want him to be throwing up and feeling shitty all the time. i don't want him to wake up screaming for us at 4 in the morning bc he has vomited all over again. i'm sick of him being sick. i want him to feel good. i wanted him to be outside today, when it finally got warm out and play with his sisters, i don't want him laying in the house complaining of stomach pains and feeling like he is going to vomit again.
the dr told me they can't do blood work bc they aren't sure what they would be looking for. they can't do an ultra sound bc they aren't sure what they would be looking for... they can't do anything bc they are effing morons ~ at least that is pretty much how it looks to me. the fact that he didn't' talk to Trevor, ask him any questions, touch his stomach ask him where it hurts or anything really PISSED me off too! the dr also said that since he wasn't presenting symptoms at the time it was hard to figure things out... although he was acting better at the time of his appt he was vomiting THIS morning and having stomach pains all day, even while at the drs office. I feel like they totally disregarded anything and all that i said to them, like they don't believe me or don't give a shit... and honestly i could give a fuck less about me and what they think about me, but i just want my kid to be better.
next i'm going in with the heavy artillery... DADDY! Bryan is fed up with these drs and their bullshit... he is way past done and so sick of seeing his little boy suffering... as we all are. so i think they are getting a phone call for a script/referral to the specialist from me, and if they don't deliver or won't do it... then i will just send in the BIG GUY! no more messing around. enough is enough... and we are past enough.

i'm off to go snuggle with my boy and rub his hurting tummy for him... i hope he gets some sleep tonight he really wants to go to school tomorrow... we'll see though.

and the whole school situation is another story for another time... such drama and bullshit in my life lately... when will it end??



jenn said...

That sucks, jenn. The LEAST they could have done was an xray. With ryan and his tummy problems, it showed that he wasn't digesting properly, and that can TOTALLY be seen on an xray. They didn't know what they were looking for, either, but at least they tried, and found, something. If it is at all possible, look into finding a new doctor if they don't do what you want tomorrow. Sometimes a new perspective is what is necessary.

I hope trev is feeling better by now. I'll be thinking of you guys, as always.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

This is a bunch of bs! I would be looking for a second opinion too! I had a cuz, with no insurance, who thought he was dying so the docs did an xray and found out it was bad gas-seriously if they can do it for my cuz, surely they could do it for someone thats had more drama and that they are familiar with!

Just like in Jenn's case they didn't know what they were looking for either, my cuz just told them his stomach hurt really bad!!

If your not happy with the service don't waste your energy fighting idiots( in the end their still idiots), just go to a new doc if at all possible!

Take care, I'll be praying a smoother tomorrow!!
Many hugs to you all!!

Pregnantly Plump said...

So sorry Trevor is still feeling bad. Poor thing. The doctor's office doesn't sound like a good one at all. Are there other pediatricians in the area with openings? I used to work for a website that had a rate a doctor application. I think several do. Not that it will make any difference to your doctor, but you could tell them that you plan to file a complaint with your insurance agency and give them a really bad rating on one of those sites. Good luck!

jenn said...

How's Trevor? What happened with the specialist? Did the doc send you to one???

Don't keep me hanging, sunshine! lol!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Hey Jennifer,

How is it going up there in your neck of the woods?

I pray you guys have gotten some kind of answers!

Have a great Monday!

Many hugs!

Blondefabulous said...

Good Luck. The Doc saying they can't do a blood test because they don't know what to look for is Bullshit! They can do a broad spectrum blood screen. That's how they found my daughter's Celiac's disease..... which has the same symptoms as you are describing with your boy.

I hope he feels better and gets proper medical treatment. Sounds like a case of a doctor trying to milk you insurance for himself rather than recommend someone else!

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