Wednesday, August 30, 2006

1 Boy

So here is a pic of my baby boy! He was watching a movie in his playroom just hanging out... he loves laying on his Spiderman couch... and of course he HAS to have a sticky hand. He got one at a b-day party as a favor and ever since then he has loved to just have one and move it around between his fingers. He has a million and one... and he has to sleep with a bunch in his bed. He did have a thing for rubber frogs before this... that started when he was really little and we had to always have one with us... at home for nap and bedtime and any where we went... we stocked up on the rubber frogs too! They aren't anything special now though, he has moved on. I wonder if he will find something else that he finds comfort in, or likes to have with him, instead of sticky hands... I guess time will tell. So here he is... and if I find another few minutes then I will try to post some other pics. IF is the operative word here... free time is a rarity for me... and this isn't even really 'free' time, I'm borrowing it from Brooke who is trying to help me type this... but she seems to be quite understanding about it. ;-)


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