Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So we have a few birthdays coming up in our family... first my brothers bday is tomorrow... and then there is Bryan's 9/9 then there is his fathers... although I don't really do anything for his 9/10 then there is my God daughter's, Kelsea, 9/25 then there is Trevor's 9/29 then Lauren's 10/6 & Brooke's 10/6, then my niece's, Katelyn, 10/10 then my other niece's, Julia, 10/25 then we have a little bit of a break.
We are having Captain Trevor's Buckaneer Birthday Bash on 9/9, his dad's bday, but Bryan doesn't care... it will be a secret celebration for him too. ;-) After all, aren't we all just kids at heart, so who wouldn't want a Pirate bday party??? Actually I think this is a cool idea for a party theme, and Trevor picked it by himself... well we steered him a little but not much... we let him choose from a bunch of party themes, we did hype this one up a little bit more then the others, but not that much.
Anyway, I still haven't gotten any decorations for the party... but that is okay if I don't find them, then some how we will make some, which is cheaper and may even be more fun. I just have to find some time to do some crafty projects... which will be the only problem.
I did get him a Captain Jack, from Pirates of the Caribbean, costume to wear for his party, and if it survives the BIG day, then he could wear it for Halloween if he wanted to.
So Bryan is going to be the big ol' 29, and it is bothering him some, at least I think it is... maybe because the next one is 30! Oh well, he will be fine, it is just a bday and just another number... you forget after a few days and you go back to your everyday life...
Trevor is going to be three and I just can't believe it... THREE. When the hell did that happen. In a moment I can close my eyes and go right back to being in scrubs, in a dental office working, and being big and pregnant and sooo happy and feeling this little baby move all around inside of me, and kicking me and now he is going to be THREE. Wow, I just don't now how it happened. God, I hope this crap slows down soon though, before I know it I'll be sitting at graduation and I'm not even ready for pre-school. LOL
Well anyway, Bry just told me that my little prince is sleeping on the floor in is playroom, he didn't nap today so I guess he was pooped out... I'm going to go scoop him up, steal some kisses and get to feel his sweet breath on my cheek and put him to bed. ;-) These are moments that never get old, you love them no matter how many times it happens.


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