Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trevor and Mommy

Trevor and mommy! This is one of those 'take it yourself' pictures... not the greatest, but one of the few that I have with me actually in the picture with any of the kids. It is kind of funny... in the hospital there are pics of me with all of them, Trevor, then Lauren and Brooke and then the three of them when the girls were born... but after we came home from the hospital the pictures just totally stopped having me in them. I guess for a few reasons, one is I'm always the one taking pictures... I LOVE pictures... they are what makes up most of your memories of what you have done... helps capture life as it is happening... and holds it there forever for you to see. Second, I don't always like my picture taken, which now that I'm older and have kids I'm changing my mind... so what how I look in the pic. as long as I'm in it and can look back at me spending time or doing something with my family then that is all that matters.


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