Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Lately a lot seems to be changing around here. Everyone seems to be growing up over night. Trevor just decided that he was going to be potty trained. We have worked on this before and for a long time... but all of a sudden he just gets it. ;-) I guess it is true that when they are ready, they are ready and they do it. He has been wearing Big Boy underpants for 6 days now! Yippee! I'm so happy and so very proud of him. I knew he could do it, when he wanted to, he is so smart that I knew it was only a matter of time and him really wanting to. For a while he was telling us he wanted to wear a pamper like the babies... I think that was maybe a little bit of the green eyed monster. That is hard to deal with at any age, but when you are almost three I think it is maybe the hardest. We are still working out some quirks, but I think that is normal when you are first training. He hasn't had a pee-pee accident though since we started. ;-) GO TREVOR!!
Other BIG news in our house is that Brooke, yep, little peanut Brooke has been walking. She is just going crazy with it lately. She took a few steps the other day and we were all amazed, she just seems too small to be walking, but I guess not. Then it was about a week or so, and she wasn't doing too much walking... maybe a step here or there, but that was it. NOW she is taking 8 or more steps at a time. Bryan says that she does the Frankenstein walk... she has stiff legs and her arms are straight out! Very funny.
Lauren has some big news of her own too... she has been standing on her own a lot lately too... and she mimics almost any sound you make at her. She also puts her hand up to her mouth to tell you shhhhhhh... she is going to talk fast I think. She loves to watch everyone when they speak and it is like she is really paying attention to what they are saying, or maybe how they are saying it.
So all my little babies are becoming more then babies. Trevor is going through toddlerhood so fast... I can't believe that he will be three soon, and more then that, I don't know when or how it happened that my littlest babies are going to be one. They are no longer going to be infants they are going to be toddlers too. Wow! But it's happening everyday and fast.
Oh! Lauren and Brooke also decided that having two teeth on the bottom for a few months just wasn't cutting it any more... so they both with in a day of each other got two new top teeth... so they are now a part of the four teeth club. ;-)


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