Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Not feeling well...

So my little pumpkins aren't feeling too hot, well they are feeling HOT, just not well. : ( I HATE when they are sick... you just feel so helpless. I don't really know what is wrong with them, they have had cold like symptoms... all three for a while, which I just thought was a cold, then the girls kept on having a runny nose and some coughing and just not acting 100%. They were cutting some teeth, so I just blamed the lagging symptoms on that. But now they have been running temps, and Brooke especially has been acting really clingy and whinny and not herself. You can just look in her eyes and tell she doesn't feel good. Saturday my mom watched them, while Bryan, Trevor and I did a few things, and Lauren had a temp then and threw up some. Brooke was good. But then yesterday Brooke was hot and had quite a temp, and later threw up. Lauren had a temp yesterday too, but not as high as Brooke's. They are both miserable today. I can't walk away from them for one second without someone crying... and having a little melt down. I'm thinking this is from being sick, and hoping that it really is from being sick, and not a new phase they are going through. I remember when Trevor went through "mommyitis". It was hard, and there was only him to deal with... now when they are having mommyitis.... first there is two... which makes it hard to devote all your time and attention to each child... then on top of it... Trevor decides he needs to act out or do something, crying, whining etc. to make sure he gets his fair share... which is only natural and you can't blame him for doing it... but damn it is hard. Some days I just don't know how I survive it all... but then I look at their sweet little faces, while they are sleeping of course... and smile and know that I do it all for them, and would do it a million times over, and that I will do it again tomorrow and the next day and so on. Then I lay down and bed and fall fast asleep... from exhaustion! Time goes so quickly when you look back at all that has happened in your life, and in your children's lives, but on the every day time schedule, time is almost stopped here. I guess because I'm not feeling totally up to par and because they are all in a needy stage right now, and sick that I'm feeling like the days just never end. Well tomorrow is another day, and we have an appointment to get everyone checked out... so I guess we will see what is going on with them... and how long our days will be so miserable.


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