Thursday, October 5, 2006

Beautiful Faces...

Man are those some beautiful faces or what!?! I love what you catch some times on film... or whatever you want to call it when it is a digital camera. ;-) I love all the faces they are making, and if you look at the pictures you can see the background is some times interesting... besides being a mess. ;-) The one picture where Brooke is making a really funny face, which is so darn cute, poor Lauren is crying... and looks really upset! : ( But she was okay... you can tell by the other pictures.
Man, they are some really cute kids though! I have some more pictures that I want to post of them... but it takes ten million years for the pictures to upload to the blog site... what a pain in the ass! I don't have that kind of time, and unfortunately I'm not exaggerating at all about the length of time! LOL okay well maybe a little bit! ;-)
Anyway, I'm tired and have to get my big, lazy butt up to go to the gym in the morning and if I want the rest of my body to go too, I guess I have to put it to bed. Can't you tell I'm tired... I'm trying (the operative word ~ trying~) to be funny, and it isn't working at all! Oh well! I'll post a few more pictures tomorrow and then the day after and so on! After all pictures are the most interesting thing... who really wants to read what I have to say anyway. ;0)
Good night... tomorrow is another day... and it is a BIG day... my little baby girls are going to be ONE!!!!!!!! Yeah, for them, sad for me, just a little bit. Bitter sweet... I'll never have anther first birthday to celebrate with my kids... but I have to look at all the other "first" I'll have! ;-) Oh, they are all growing up so fast.
Good night again, I'm signing off!


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