Saturday, October 21, 2006


So here is a little update... Trevor is doing great with the whole potty thing... he is even wearing underpants at night instead of a pamper!!! What a BIG boy! This decision came when we decided to take him off the bottle... and I know what some of you are thinking... "He was three and on a bottle still?" Well yeah, he was ONLY three and on a bottle still... only milk and only nap and bedtime. It is the only way he will drink milk for me... and like I said before and will continue to say... he was ONLY three. I think that is still "baby" enough to have a bottle sometimes, especially if it is comforting to him, and his only source of milk. Oh well, anyway, it was rough... and maybe harder on me then on him, but we (Bryan!) took his bottles away. : ( He is finally getting over asking for one at night... but it was hard, he would cry (tears included) and beg and it broke my heart and I would have definitely given in, but his father stuck to his guns and didn't... saying it would only make it harder if we gave in once in a while... WHATEVER! ;-) I give in on a lot of things... most things to be honest. I think, they are little and this time of getting whatever you want when you want it and doing it YOUR way only lasts for so long that I want them to enjoy it. Also, it is sooo much easier to just give in. Totally.
So back on track... updates... what else is new??? Oh! Brooke and Lauren have gotten some new teeth... Lauren has a new one on the bottom and I really believe she is getting on of her first year molars... she had temps and was cranky and wouldn't eat, and the Big clue was that her lower right gum was swollen so bad. : ( She was not a happy girl. But it hasn't come through yet! Brooke hasn't shown any signs of getting molars, but she has two more teeth on the top! ;-) She likes to gently bite your clothes... I don't know if this is going to be the start of a problem with biting or not, but for now she does it easy and only your clothing. She was doing it yesterday to Lauren's shirt. Lauren wasn't too happy, but only because Brooke was on top of her to do this. ;-) They are getting so funny! They laugh at and with each other... they play side by side mostly, which is fun to watch... and they sort of play together. They LOVE to see one another, they are excited and happy to see the other baby when they get up from sleeping, or if someone was napping and someone was already up. ;-) And they fight... which is so funny... not for them though, they get so angry and scream and each pull the toy, it is sort of entertaining. It is always different too, who is the one who is taking the toy from the initial baby that had it. I don't always intervene, I figure it is pretty fair and also because they usually work it out on their own. Meaning someone just gives in and gets a different toy. Trevor tries to help them sort it out, especially if the own that wins isn't the one that first had the toy... he doesn't like that and will usually take it away and give it back to the 'original owner', who at that point is usually moved on and doesn't care. Oh well... anyway ~ they are all doing good. I think they are all working on some little colds... which just started but seem to last forever. I hate that... why does a cold have to last for 3 weeks?
Lauren is trying to walk lately, but she just doesn't totally get it... it is mostly the fact that she tries to run that messes her up. Brooke hardly ever crawls.. and Trevor is getting so big, it seems so long ago that he ever crawled.
I can't believe that Christmas is in like 9 weekends... I'm so not prepared. I have to figure out some ideas for the kids and get started, I think a little here and there will be easier then all at once. Although I don't think we are going to have a HUGE Christmas... although that is what we want our kids to have, and we had... they just don't need any more toys! Honestly I don't even know what to get them, not at all. They all just had birthdays and got a lot of stuff and they get toys and clothes all the time just because, and Lauren and Brooke have Trevor's hand-me-down toys. We are over whelmed with toys. I want to give them a huge Christmas and see their eyes light up on Christmas morning when they see all the presents under the tree, from us and Santa. But this year we are going to not go crazy and save some money, put it away. We need to find a house that has more room, and we can do a lot more things with that money, that will be better for our kids in the long run, they buy them a million and one toys that they don't really care about. Trevor never even says that he wants anything, because he just always gets something. Which is our faults... but hey we are are parents and sometimes you do that.
Well since I'm just rambling on and on here... I'm going to go... I feed the kids breakfast, but didn't eat yet myself. Also, we have my niece Julia's 2nd Birthday party to go to later, so I should start getting everyone ready for that... if I start now, we might be on time for a 1:00pm party. ;-) And I'm very serious about that. ;-) Bryan is working today... they needed him to do some deliveries I guess they are behind, or whatever... so I won't have his help, so I better start now. The good thing is that it is at my parents house, so I don't have bring much... there are diapering things there, and pretty much anything I would need for them, but clothes, and it is only a few mins from my house.
Signing off for now... be back later. I have some pics from the girls bday and from pumpkin picking... and some stories to tell about mine and Bryan's BIG outing last night. ;-)


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