Saturday, February 17, 2007

Great minds think alike...

These little chicks are always doing the same thing... and I think mostly because they are the same age and think alike rather then they are twins. : ) Although, I'm sure being siblings and sisters has something to do with the rhyme and reason of why they do things too. : ) I was cracking up when I gave them each their bottle and they both just sat down like that... it was way too cute. They are getting more and more comical too, whether it is on purpose, or just them being themselves, they constantly have us cracking up. Even Trevor thinks they are so funny, and of course they think he is just the funniest and greatest! They love to copy anything he does and they try to copy what he says especially Lauren. Brooke is more into the physical stunts, and Lauren is more into telling us about them. : ) Always something interesting going on around here, never a dull moment. : )


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