Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lauren and Brooke (from left to right) all bundled up in their snow pants, coats and hats! They look warm and cute, but kind of stiff... I hate having to bundle them up like this... I cannot wait until warmer weather. They don't get to enjoy any of this winter for any reason. They are too small to walk with all their gear on so they can't really go out to play, and they wouldn't really know what to do outside. So they only get the cold and bundled up part of winter... so this stinks. : ( It is also a lot harder to carry both girls to the truck with all this extra clothing on... so we have been having to make two trips... the one little girl that gets left inside for a few minutes is usually crying her little eyes out when I get back in to get her too. : ( It breaks my heart, but I worry about falling down the steps of my porch with them or dropping some one. Although they do have enough padding from all the darn winter clothes that I don't think they would feel much... just kidding... still don't want to drop them.
Trevor on the other hand, LOVES the snow... like most three year olds... he thinks it is just the greatest thing in the world when it snows. I'm mixed in the emotions of it all... well not really I guess... I hate being cold, I think the snow looks pretty while it is coming down... and when it is first there, but once it is moved and sanded and plowed and all that... it is just a MESS... and a pain in the butt! I really hate being cold, did I mention that?? But I love to go tubing... that is the only thing... and ice skating too, that I like about winter. Warm weather sounds so nice right now that I think about packing and moving any time I have to go out in this crummy cold messy weather.


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