Monday, March 12, 2007

Big Bear

We went to the Rockland College to the Hunting & Fishing Expo the other day and here are some pictures from there.
These are some okay pictures of an awesome bear! The top two pictures are of a Grizzly Bear... that is about 1200 lbs and is about 10 yrs old... his 'owner' has had him since he was about 6 months old. He was so HUGE and so amazing to check out... he was VERY cute... and I had people around me saying, "Cute? How do you think he is cute? He is a killer bear, that isn't cute!" But... he was so cute... he looked like a cartoon bear... his face was just so adorable. I'd also like to add, that I don't that that bear has ever really killed anything... at least not of the human species! Whatever! He was cute!
Then below is a picture of a real DEAD bear! ha! For some reason I thought that was funny when I typed it... oh well. Trevor is on the right and his cousin Nicholas is on the left. They were pretty interested in the bear, but only for a second or two. They looked so cute in their red shirts and we didn't even plan that. : )
This was a big bear too, but not nearly as big or as impressive as the live bear. I'm not against hunting, well trophy hunting I am, but that is another post for another time, but anyway... I much rather see animals alive then shot and stuffed.


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