Monday, March 12, 2007

Real Baby Doll

Lauren had her very own 'real' baby doll! Brooke is so little she fits pretty good in the little toy umbrella strollers they got from Santa for Christmas! : ) She liked being in there at first... but then after a few times getting pushed into the crib and some toys and being choked... ummm I mean HUGGED by Lauren she had enough. : ) She was in the stroller for about 20 mins though. Pretty funny the things these two come up with... I'm not even sure how Brooke got in the stroller without falling... usually she backs up to it... but it keeps moving back too, until she falls on her tush. Then she gets up and is soooo mad that she fell and has a little temper tantrum, well not so little temper tantrum... they seem to be getting bigger every time. They are both little Drama Queens and really good at their fits! : ) But they make us laugh all the time, and they really do love one another and Trevor too! That is all that matters at the end of the day! : )


Anonymous said...

that doll is very cute

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