Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sugar Gliders!

Like we don't have enough things going on here, and enough rodents running around. LOL. We have soooo many mice in our house it isn't even close to funny. We have set traps and caught at least 20... and we would probably have caught at least 5 times that amount, but we have given up on setting the traps... they mate way faster then we can catch them. Nalla, our cranky & stuck up cat and otherwise useless has been catching some mice too! I'd rather have the live mice then the dead, half eaten, then puked up ~ where ever ~ mice that she kills... but what are you going to do?? So anyway, these aren't even in the rodent family... they are marsupials... and they are so darn cute. : ) How could you not want to get one? Don't answer that... I know! One is a girl and one is a boy... this is the girl one in the pictures. She is more calm and so much less nervous to be held and "pet" by the kids. They are really cool, and they are so smart! They aren't really high maintenance as far as cleaning and all that... they bathe themselves, and they don't mess much, their cage is really easy to clean! They eat lots of fruits and veggies, which I wish my kids would do more of. They just love to be held and talked to and they like a lot of attention... so that is most demanding part. Other then that they are so easy!
Trevor has been wanting a pet for a long time... he usually asks for a dog and two more cats! At my parents house there is a dog and 3 cats... see the comparison? There is no way we are getting a dog/puppy any time soon. They need a lot of attention and work and training and add mess and chaos to a household too... so with three kids just over 3 yrs old, we aren't adding a dog/puppy, not now. So this works for him, it was a compromise... it isn't a dog, and he can't really play with them just yet... he does get to watch them, and he has held the girl... who is Stitch... and I know that Stitch is a boy in the movie, but the our boy is named Leroy... and although Leroy could have been the girl one, it isn't... but anyway he gets to interact with them some what and he is happy with that... and he is happy to have his very own pet. Although he does call the cat his, and he feeds her... she is just not a nice pet... and doesn't come around very often and when she is out she is mean. Oh well.
Even the girls love the sugar gliders... they call them "cat" and we try to get them to say "mice" or "mouse", but they don't. But they always want to get picked up to see in the cage and they also want to touch them any time they are taken out. : )


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there so cute

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