Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 3 of OUR Summer Vacay!

Here are some more pool pics from Day 3!! I know I'm kind of behind on posting the pics on the right days, or near the right days, but you can figure it out I'm sure.
Anyway... I can't keep em' out of the pool. Last night it was a little chilly so we decided no pool. Yeah right. Trevor was the first one to go right in. He was using a pampers box as his boat. He said it floated for a little while. LOL ; ) Wish I had some pics of it... but I wasn't home at the time and the camera was with me. Then when I did get home, with the girls, I was outside talking to Bryan before I came inside and the girls got right in the pool, fully dressed... shoes and all! I have some pics of that to post... But I have to upload them from my camera, and I can't right now. Brooke is working for the OSCAR for most DRAMATIC actor! So I better get going. Who knew sitting in your booster seat for a few mins after your breakfast was gone would be soooooo traumatising... I swear! UH!


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