Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Effing Six Flags!

So yeah... we went to Six Flags this weekend... Great Adventure... and yeah what a really great adventure we had... I'll explain.

We left on Saturday morning... things were going good... for some reason we were right on schedule, this NEVER happens!!! I was meaning to pack all week long, but didn't do it... I was really procrastinating for some reason, but got my butt in gear and packed Friday morning while Trevor was at pre-school and the girls were happy to just follow me around and occasionally take a thing or two out of the bag... no biggie. So anyway when Saturday morning came things went so smooth... I was amazed and pretty proud of myself. I fed all the kids breakfast, gave them all baths, got the girls dressed and delivered them to my mom and dads house... and still was home in time to be on the computer for a few minutes and then out the door we went right on time!!!! So cool! Things were going great, we were off to a fantastic start and I was really hopeful for a wonderful vacation!!

It was such a relief that my parents were willing and offered and kind of begged us to leave the girls with them for the weekend. Only because it would be a lot easier with out two extra little people and also they would have a much better time being with my parents then being stuck in a stroller and spending all day long at a park. Anyway.. things were going just perfect... we picked up our friends (& Bryan's cousin) Heather and Chris on our way, we met other friends, Dave and Rachel after that... things were going so smooth... we were all so anxious to go to the park for the day and to have a weekend away.

We are thinking it will take us 3 hours to get there, and we get there in a little over 2 hours. ;) Man if this is any indication of how the weekend will be, we are in for sunny days, and a ton of fun!!! We go to the park, we get a good parking spot, which is FREE b/c our friends have parking on their season pass!! We are all stoked, we get ready we are all excited as hell, we go in we get our pics taken for our season passes, we are on a roll!! We get in the lazy river, and just totally relax and soak up the sun in some nice warm water!! What a way to start the day. The park isn't that packed so the lines are too long, we do a few things, we went back in the lazy river, we did the wave pool... life is good!! Trevor is happy, we all have a great time!!! We hang out there all day long until we are soo hungry we cannot take it any more! (we all had some soft pretzels, but the rest of the food is OUTRAGEOUS in price, so we try to hold off for dinner out of the park)

We left went about 15 mins down the road and found a descent hotel, booked it and went to our rooms got showered changed and dressed to go to dinner, we were ALL starving.

We drive a little while and low and behold find a HUGE mall, the Macy's, Lord & Taylor & JC Penny's was the biggest I had ever seen. (except for the Macy's in Manhattan) Anyway they also had a Ruby Tuesdays... score!!!! We were even happier when we only had a 15 min wait!!! 7 people and only a 15 min wait for the table... things were still going GREAT!!! GO us!!! ; ) We all order, get our food and eat.. things are perfecto!!! Everyone' s meal is just how they wanted it... LIFE IS GOOD!! ; ) We eat and eat and eat and eat some more... until we are done, we pay, we leave and then we walk around the mall!!

OMG!!!! Heather and I find COACH... and a HUGE COACH! We are soo happy just to walk around and look... day dream, whatever. But then Chris says to Heather that she can get a bag... WOW!!! We were happy... then Bryan says "You know, you never get anything for yourself either... so you can get one too!" What?? Holy crap... am I dreaming??? I couldn't believe it... so we go in, again, and we each look and look and look... and are desperately trying to find one that we LOVE... not wanting to spend all that money on one that we like... we wanted one that we couldn't live without. We are on our way out of the store and we find IT!!! The perfect leather bag... we both LOVE it.. and we both get it!!! $500 (plus) later, we are leaving the COACH store some happy girls!!! We get in truck and go back to the hotel room!!! The guys go down to the bar for a few cocktails, we shower up and get ready for bed, Trevor has a bath, things are going GREAT!!! ;) We are all HAPPY!!!

The next day we get up and do whatever, go to breakfast at the hotel, it was delicious... eat. Go the park... do the rides... have a fun filled day!!! Leave the park near closing, but didn't get stuck in any traffic really, go to BK and eat some dinner... happy as clams that we had a good day and things just seem to be going our way all vacation. We had put our COACH bags, still in the COACH shopping bag, in the back of the locked truck... thinking they were much safer there then in the hotel room... no offense maid service at the hotel!!! They are were still there. We half assed checked, just b/c who really thinks something would be missing...

We are eating, Heather's phone rings, it was her mom. Her bank called, to authorize a charge... she calls them back... they wanted to check on a charge for $580 in Foot Locker in Woodbridge, NJ... all of a sudden panic sinks in... we are all upset and freaking out... we leave BK... we rush out to the truck we now find out that ALL of her credit cards and her ss card were stolen... I know I know... you should NEVER carry your ss card with you... she knows this now... hard way to learn, but anyway.... We are really upset, the guys hold it together pretty good, Heather and I are crying... I just cannot believe this!!! The bank says to go the police station and file a report... we do that. They whole way there we are trying to put it all together... why didn't they take the two brand new COACH bags from the truck... why didn't they take Chris' wallet with cash and credit cards in it too?? Why didn't they take her whole wallet?? What the HELL happened?? How did they get in the truck... did we forget to lock it... who went back to the truck... me? me! Why did I go back to the truck... what did I get?? Did I lock it? Yeah. Am I sure. yeah? Wow... then we realize that it must have been the first day we were there, Saturday, at the water park... WTF???? Why the hell do people think they can take shit that isn't theirs?? Bryan's credit card was stolen too, and they left his bank credit/debit card, why?? did they just copy the numbers from it??? What gives anyone the right, AT ALL , to take shit from people that isn't theirs???
At the time we didn't even realize that Bryan's card had been stolen, we were just really tired and upset and couldn't think of EVERY single thing that was in the truck... it was about 12:30 PM when we left the police station. I didn't even want to stay at the hotel, you just feel so violated that some peice of SHIT was in YOUR vehicle, going through your personal stuff. My mom had gotten robbed one time too, except she was right there when they took her entire wallet... they moved her coat, unzipped her bag, took her wallet, zipped her bag, and put her coat back... all in a matter a few minutes. WTF??? The lady and her daughter distracted my mom while the husband did it... ASSHOLES!!! My mom felt more than violated, she felt like she was so stupid to let it happen to her. But she didn't let happen to her, it just did... she was NOT stupid... they were just good at their job... unfortunatley. But thank God, they didn't try to harm my mom at all. Thank God for that. I hate these kind of people... they are freakin' scum!!! They don't deserve to live and function with normal, respectable human beings. They don't. The guy that robbed my mom and another lady in the same store around the same time, and some other people too, did eventually get caught after an investigation... and he did serve minimal time and paid extremely minimal restitution to my mom... which didn't come close to the money he stole or even more what he stole from her personally... the confidence to be alone in the store, to carry her purse with money and credit cards in it.... and to not worry any time someone comes in the same isle as her that something is going to happen to her. I HATE these people!!
The police officer that handled our case in Jersey, was very nice, but also very honest, and said that nothing would really be done about it... they would probably never catch the person/people that did it. It is a very high rate business down there.. they can't really seem to control or do anything about it. It happens all the time around there and ALL the time at Six Flags too! He even asked why we go there?? The people that also go there is a mixed group... some are stuck up snobs, which okay, whatever, some are just down to earth nice folks... and some are complete animals that shouldn't be allowed in public!!! Take your guess at what stole our stuff! So needless to say nothing will happen to these ASSES for stealing our personal property. If you are ever down and out and need some money or credit cards, just go to Jackson, NJ and take whatever you want, need or can get your hands on... nothing will be done to you... at all!! But I have to warn you... IF you do this... and it happens to be us that you rob... then you got another thing coming... b/c we are out for revenge... no use in staying mad, but we will mess up your entire LIFE!!!! No doubt!!
So that was our first family vacation this summer... hopefully the rest go a lot smoother!!!


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