Friday, June 15, 2007

Not Ready... No Potty!!

Yeah so, Brooke and Lauren are both totally scared of the potty. Although, they are in there all the time with anyone that will allow them! They go with me, my mom, I think Bryan lets them in most of the time, and sometimes Trevor, although he is ALL about his privacy these days!! Who knew that a 3 1/2 yr old (well 3 yrs 8 mths) would care so much about privacy?? Well anyway... if you ask Brooke or Lauren if they want to go on the potty, they say "Yes" and are usually pretty excited and enthusiastic about it... but they are totally pysching you out!!! Playin' ya!!! Totally! The minute we go in the bathroom, because yeah, they will even go to the bathroom with you... but the minute you are in there with them, and even think about putting them on the potty, they both start to bug out... the one being picked up and the bystander.
I know that they are ONLY 20 months... but at this age, actually younger... Trevor was going on the potty once in a while and was wearing pull-ups here and there. He had some interest in it. Lauren and Brooke only have interested in totally tricking you. ;)
I wanted to try to potty train them by their second birthday... only because they say that girls are much easier to potty train and also they are second and third children I thought have a slightly older sibling would maybe help them get into potty mode... NOT A CHANCE!! And, of course, I wanted them potty trained for my own selfish reasons... NO MORE PAMPERS!!! We are still spending a lot of money on pampers, yeah we are using less then when the girls were newborns, but we still go through a LOT!!! We must use about 6-8 pampers per child per day... and that doesn't seem like too many... but there are really never days that we use less than that... but there are a lot of days were we use more than 8 too! That is about 12 - 16 pampers a day... that is 84 -112 a week... that is more than a case of pampers!!! They are also always telling us when they have poop and sometimes telling us when they have pee. As soon as they have poop they want their pamper changed... totally oposite from Trevor... NEVER wanted his pamper changed, he would sit, play, swim, travel, sleep... whatever with a pamper full of poop. But, he would pee on the potty all the time!! 18 months and he started being interested in the potty chair... of course I was prego with the girls not to long after that and it went down hill for training him... but he did good later on, after I had the girls.
I'm not too concerned about it... YET... but I hope that some day soon, they decide that they like going on the potty and will get into the groove of potty training. ; ) They also don't quite have the vocablulary that Trevor did at this age, but he was an ONLY child to a SAHM so that helped with that a little bit.. he was above average, and they are right at average, I think. They comprehend almost anything you say to them, and they can follow directions pretty well. ; ) When they feel like listening that is. ; )
Oh well I guess time will tell, I just hope they aren't scared of the potty forever!!! I might have to check into getting a NEW potty just for them... maybe let them play with it before it is ever used, let them sit on it and move it around and get comfortable with it before I try again.
We'll see...


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