Monday, June 25, 2007

The Girls!

Here are some pictures of the girls... I know it doesn't seem like I have as many of them as I do of Trevor, but I really do. ; ) Actually lately, Trevor has been telling me, "Okay, Mom. No more pictures!" Kind of funny. But, I guess I do take a lot of pictures. ; )
Anyway these are pictures of us outside yesterday in the play camper. It is an old popup camper that we have set up for the kids to play in like a play house or a fort... whatever they imagine it to be. ; ) Trevor loves to be in the camper, and now the girls too have really taken an interest in being in there too! They really like to go in and out and in and out over and over. Trevor likes to go in and lock the door and hang out in there. They will probably like that one day too! Anyway... these are some pictures of us out there. Please excuse the funky clothes... they were playing and they get into EVERYTHING when they play so I have decided, forget dressing them cute and dress them for play! ; )
It is Brooke then Lauren then a picture of me and Lauren and then a picture of me and Brooke.


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