Friday, June 29, 2007

I've Got the Magic Stick...

Okay... so it isn't exactly a "stick"... but it sure is MAGIC! I love love love the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! I have to admit that I had one under my kitchen sink for almost a year that I didn't use. I guess I didn't use it b/c I really didn't read the packaging to see "how" to use it, or what to use it on. I got it free from visiting the Mr. Clean website and requesting a sample of the NEW product. Yeah, it was that long ago. Anyway... I was at my parents house and my SIL and mom were cleaning some outside chairs with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser... and WOW! They work great. So I bought some the last time I was at the store... and guess what I actually used them! I LOVE THEM! I cleaned my entire refrigerator with it... it looks brand new inside. I was kind of grossed out by how nasty and dirty the magic eraser was from the inside of my fridge! Nasty. But, not anymore! Sparkling and clean. Then I went to the bathroom and used it in my, what I thought was pretty clean, shower/bath. Wowser! I cannot believe how clean it really is now! I can't tell you enough good things about these "magic" erasers, but to say they really are MAGIC!! I'm totally impressed and SOLD!
So last night we went grocery shopping and I was in the cleaning product isle, which for some weird reason I love. Not the isle itself. I love cleaning products! I know I'm a loony. Oh well. Anyway... I just love getting new things and trying them and seeing how they work. Also, I love, love, love stocking up on things for the house... from non-perishable food to paper products and of course cleaning products too! So I was checking out everything! (on a side note, has anyone guessed that I now have started to us the ctrl key and the "i" key and love to put things in Italic print??... I'm a dork) So I found a few things new that I haven't tested out yet... but I'm hoping to test out today while it is NAP time! Anyway... the one thing that I did get that I did try already... with the assistance of my handy dandy assistant Trevor. LOL we were calling him that today... he thought it was great! Anyway... I got the GV brand ~ Great Value (Wal-Mart)~ anyway.. they are called Miracle cleaning eraser! They work just as good as the Mr. Clean ones, but are considerably cheaper! I'm all about cheaper... well except for my COACH bag... which is a whole other story.
Anyway... my point is that I love, love, loved the Mr. Clean brand erasers, but I now LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the GV Miracle cleaning eraser!! LOVE it!
Apparently I'm not the only one either that has done the comparison... you can check out the link above and read what some other people thought.


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