Friday, June 29, 2007

UK Triplets!

I was browsing around and found this story on another blog... it is pretty interesting! I love reading about other multiples... and higher order multiples too! These ladies are pretty special, they are the oldest triplets in the UK! Celebrating their 80th birthdays! Amazing! What is also amazing to me is that they are id triplets. Although I have twins myself... multiples still amaze me. Shit, my own twins amaze me. The fact that I was able to carry two babies and give birth to them that is totally amazing to me! I still sometimes look at them and think... "Wow! I really have twins!" I know, I know it seems really silly. But I do. I think that twins are magically, if you will. A special blessing. I know I am truly blessed for all my children. They are all wonderful to me, and I look at each one in amazement that I actually created that little being. Wow!
Well anyway... check out the article! There are some great pictures of the lovely ladies in the article too! They were just beautiful little babies!


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