Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears....

OH MY!!! Okay, okay... so there were no lions and alright there wasn't even a tiger... but oh Lord, there was definitely a BEAR!!! Yep!! I finally in my 28 yrs of life and living in the country go to see a live bear just roaming around!!! I cannot believe it!! I was so excited I grabbed the camera, shut the windows in the living room... don't ask... long, long, WAY long story. ;) I went out onto the porch to take some pictures of this amazing beautiful HUGE black bear and guess what... he was gone!! I was so disappointed... but hey at least I got to see him!!! I told Trevor to stay in the house and I went out in the yard and looked for him some.... I was slightly apprehensive, but more anxious to see him again than anything.
I couldn't believe that I really saw a bear just sitting in my yard. I was so excited that I started to shake... it was so amazing. I'm still keeping an eye out hoping that maybe he will come back here. I called Bryan and my parents to tell them all... no one was quite as excited as I was. Oh well.
So that is all for now... I'll keep you all posted if there is any more sightings... and one day I might have some time to fill you all in on the long, long, WAY long story of why I closed the windows in the living room...


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