Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trevor's Pre-school Ceremony

Trevor, Aubrey and Abigail just being silly together.
Posing for a quick picture. Quick because they can't stand still too long! ;)
They are soooo cute!!
And soooo silly!
Here is the cake that they had for the kids at their graduation/end of school ceremony yesterday. The whole thing was really nice. The kids sang songs, the teachers gave out awards to each student! Some where very funny and some were very sweet. Each one was catered to each child. It was their very own personal award. Some got an award for funniest, class clown, most imaginative, best leader, most likely to win an academy award, things like that. Trevor got an award for "Having the Biggest Heart"!!! I got a little choked up over that. He does have a big heart. He is a lovey and a mush when he is in the right frame of mind. And he does love everyone. ;) It made me feel good because then I knew that while he was with them, at pre-school for those hours that he was was away from me, they were really getting to know him and his personality and how he thinks and feels and they weren't just treating him like another student, they really cared about him and loved him. ;) I'm so glad that he had a chance to have this wonderful opportunity. If Trevor does go to Duggan next year, I'm really going to miss the Monticello Project Excel team. I loved Miss Jenn, Miss Julie and Miss Sue. And I thank them all, each one of them, for being so wonderful, loving and nurturing with Trevor while he was with them, learning and experiencing life. ;)


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