Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Here are some pictures from today, our second day of "Summer Vacation"! The water was cold at first... but it wasn't too long that they were all soaking wet from head to toe and loving every minute of it!

And what better of a place to eat ice pops then in the pool??? Eat and stay clean all at the same time! ; )
Oh, and did you take note of Trevor's fancy new hair cut?? I have to confess... I did it. : ( I didn't mean to cut it that short!!! There are a few really good things about it though, one is that he really LOVES it.. he keeps touching his head, I think he must like how it feels, two is that it is a good haircut for summertime, he'll be nice and cool with no hair, or VERY little hair that is! Three... it will grow back, and probably faster then I think it will. ; )


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