Thursday, July 26, 2007


******So this is my 100th post!! Go me!! Whoopeee!!! :)*******
Anyway... I wasn't going to post much, because I have a million and one and I literally mean a million AND one ~ things to do today. I just got home, we were at my parents house so I could work on some things for a Stampin' Up! Workshop... but that didn't go so well. Anyway... I thought I would just post that tomorrow... YEP, Tomorrow... FRIDAY ~ is the BIG day that we are getting our NEW camper!!! YES ~ BRAND NEW CAMPER!!! I cannot wait. Of course, I will, however have to wait longer then I thought I would. Bryan and my Dad are going to get it. The kids and I are going to stay home. It isn't that far of a ride, about 2 1/2 hours, but they are going to go over the entire camper with my Dad and Bryan and who ever else might be picking up a camper... and they need no distractions I'm sure, and then also it will be Bryan's first time towing something so big, and I think even towing a camper. So the less people in the truck and the less noise and stress and all that crap, the better. I know what you are thinking! I know. My kids hardly make any noise at all. :D Just kidding!!! So anyway.. they are attending a 4Pm show on "How to Work & Operate Your New Camper" :) Then they will do whatever else they have to do, like possible paperwork, although we did most if not all of it. And then they will be on their way home. They better not think about stopping to eat some where. I want to see my new camper, sit on the couch and do all that stuff. Plus I have a bunch of things for in it already. It is like having a NEW home, well it is NEW and when we aren't "here" we will be home in it. Home away from home!

Anyway... here are some pics from the other day... and I will have to be back another time to type some more, the kids are ALL sleeping and I have to get some stuff done!! :)


radioactive girl said...

Your kids are beautiful! AND I am so jealous of your camper! It is totally my dream of getting one! I'd probably need a new husband though because mine has absolutely no desire to travel in one.

Thank you so much for all your kind words today! It really made my day!

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