Friday, July 27, 2007

T.G.I. Friday!!!

Thank God It's FRIDAY!!!

Well, today is the BIG day!! WE get our NEW camper!!! Jayco Jay Flight ~ bunkhouse. I realize, as I'm typing this I haven't posted any pics of it. I have a few from the other day at the dealership, they aren't the greatest, and the better ones are of a different camper. Same layout same everything, but not ours and different color fabric inside. But you can get the idea, so I'm going to post some pics.
~This is actually our camper ~

another pic. of OUR camper

Not our camper, but same model

again, not ours, but same thing as our camper has

This is one of the other color options, I do like it, but it was already sold. we are getting blue. I do like blue, so that works fine for me, I would have had a hard time choosing a color anyway. : )

Again, not our camper, but you get the idea.

This is the cabinet over the table area. The pics are a little out of order.

THIS is however, OUR couch in OUR camper!! LOVE the colors! : ) You can see behind the couch in the picture is our bedroom, you can see the bed in the upper right corner and part of window. The white thing in the pic, in the bedroom is a cover for the propane tanks.

This is the rest of the cabinets over the table area. and room for a t.v. in the opening... you know how it is when you are "roughing" it in the wild.. you gotta have t.v. : ) actually I think we need to get a DVD player out there too, in case of rainy days or nights and we need to entertain the kids.

These are the bunk beds... Trevor will be on the top bunk and then Brooke an Lauren on the bottom bunk, which happens to be almost a full size bed, or maybe is a full size bed. I'm not 100% sure.

I do have some more pictures to post... but have run out of time. I have to go do some things with the kids... I'll be back at nap time... maybe!

Thanks for looking!!!


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