Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy Friday... again!

So, it has been a week since I have last posted anything! I was doing good for a little while and posting every day, or every other. BUT things have been or at least seem to be soooooo busy lately around here. We are always doing something, or going some where, or have to get something done. I have not been one one whole day this past week. Which isn't a big thing, but it isn't necessarily the norm around here. I'd like a few lazy days of doing much of nothing but hanging out and playing. :) We did that today. We went to the White Lake beach... the fireman's beach and hung out. After, of course, doing a few things around the house. And yet, there is still a few more things to be done still... BUT I'm sure they will wait until tomorrow or the next day... or maybe even Monday. We have a busy weekend planned too, and it starts tonight, with a trip to Middletown. Yippee! I am, although the yippee was sarcastic, looking forward to going. I would be more excited it if were just Bryan and I. Although, I love my kids and don't mind taking them. It is a lot of work to take them any where and, AND, to keep them all smiling and happy!! They are all napping now, our trip to the lake (or as some of us {BROOKE} call it the "pool") has worn them out and they all went right down for me, no questions asked. They all had a little bath and got all cleaned up and the sand out of all the little (horrible) places likes to hide on your body... and off to la la land!! :) Mommy is enjoying this quiet time! I should be doing some laundry, getting ready to go to Middletown... but nope here I sit. lol I found out the other night that I do have some faithful followers ( Marie, Audrey, and Tanya... I may even have more... ) so I'm trying to update this with some info and most important some pictures!! I have some pics from yesterday, we went swimming yesterday at the lake too, but the girls were in the buff and Trev in just his underwear... so I'm going to save those pics for when the kids are older and I can use them as blackmail... just kidding. But, I'm not going to post them today, because they need to be chosen very carefully so that no one is "exposed" on the world wide web!! We do not want that happening!!

BUT, speaking of pictures and being exposed... we ~ the kids and myself ~ are going to be in the Times Herald Record some time this weekend. This very nice lady, named Michelle, who works for the Times, took a bunch of pictures of us today playing around in the water and all that... and she said they will be in this weekend some time. We'll see. I'm going to get three copies and save them for the kids scrapbooks!! :) I know, I know I'm a complete genius to think of that. I know.

There are a lot more pictures, I took 501! Just today. Just at the lake. I know, I know... again. I'm a genius!!! lol. It may seem a little bit excessive for me to take 501 pictures of my kids at the lake today, and we were only there for a little over 2 hours... BUT it will be the only "today" we will have. When today is over, I will still have all those moments captured... and I mean ALL those moments!! Just kidding. I didn't take pictures the entire time, only in the beginning and then a few here and there, and here... that was all. This is also the reason that I have a digital camera... no more developing fee... although I am going to take these some where, some time, and have them printed. Not all 501 of them, but a lot of them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographs!! Can't get enough of them!

So, anyway, I gotta get going... so I will post some more pictures this weekend... or maybe not... but we'll see.

Friday night... Middletown

Saturday... Bryan is on-call for work, and he has to go to Larry's, NICK'S Bday party at 1pm

Sunday.... Bryan going to Priscilla's house to finish trim, then paintball, then the Wayne County Fair!!!

Of course there will be pics from most of these things... well the bday party for Nick and the fair!!! :) I'll be back... keep checking in!!!


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