Friday, July 20, 2007

BIG Girl Beds!!!

Hello everyone in Blogger Land!

I just changed the girls cribs into beds yesterday. (read post below) They aren't quite "big" beds, b/c they are the same size as their cribs. We bought the cribs that turn into a toddler/day bed and then are a headboard and foot board for a full size bed.
Anyway. They had been climbing out for a long time now. A few months. Lauren was the first one to 'escape' and then it seems like Brooke followed her lead. They were careful at first and would climb into a basket of stuffed animals that was between their cribs, but then they started to get really brazen as they did it more and more, and they would just climb right over the side. I cannot tell you how many times I would go in and see one of them, or both of them straddling the top rail of the crib. I was really concerned they were going to get hurt, and badly. They started off by only getting out of their cribs when they were done sleeping... in the morning and after nap time. Then it got to be there were getting out all during the time they were supposed to be napping. I would put them back in a few times, and then they would stay. So we decided since they are getting out already might as well make it safer for them. They did pretty good yesterday. They got put back in three times at nap. I thought they stayed and they were quiet for a while... but when I checked them, Brooke was upside down in her bed, with tons of toys, and Lauren was sleeping on the floor in front of the door with some books. (she likes to look under the door all the time, I'm sure that was what she was doing. ) So I fixed Brooke the right way in her bed, and moved Lauren from the floor. It took them almost 2 hrs to go to sleep. Not too bad for a first try at it. Last night Daddy was in charge of bedtime, I wasn't home, and he put them in at the same time they always go... around 8:30 PM and they went great. Brooke got out one time, and he just told her she had to got to bed, put her back in and that was that. They stayed and they slept. : )
The best part of all this... is the amazing giggles and laughs you hear in there during nap time. More then ever. I would hear little pitter patter, and then them laughing soooo hard. I guess they just think it is so funny/amazing to be able to get right up with out anything slowing them down. They were running from one bed to the other bed, and they would get on it and laugh and laugh and laugh some more. I'm pretty sure they had peed their diapers, they were laughing that hard. : ) It was great. Then you would hear some conversation.
L: Stop Brookie. Stop
B: No. Lauren (in her own version of Lauren). No.
L & B: laughing and laughing
B: No. Mine.
L: Stop Brookie. Stop.
B: Stop. No.
L: Brookie. Brookie.
B & L: laughing and laughing and laughing
them running around then it would start all over again.

So far nap time isn't seeming like much sleep is going on... but they are quieter today... and I hear less foot steps... so we shall see. I'm sure it will get better soon. They are really little to understand to stay there, when they have clear opportunity to Run Free!! : ) Also, they have one another to play with and entertain and get into trouble with so it is a little harder to just want to lay down and go to sleep.

I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.

I have some more pictures from yesterday too, I have to get them in the computer still. Once I do, I'll post some more. :)


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