Thursday, July 19, 2007

WOW! So much INFO!!!

Wow! I'm bursting at the seems. I don't know what to type about first. I should be doing a million other things right now. Which I'm off to do in a few minutes. I just wanted to post this while it is NEW and FRESH and I'm anxious about it. :) First of all, I changed the girls cribs this morning into beds. They kept climbing out and it was just not safe for them to be in the crib any more... so they now are in BIG girl beds, well middle-of-the-road beds. They aren't cribs any more, but they aren't twin beds... LOL "twin" beds. They actually are "twin" beds, because they are for the twins!!! ha! I crack myself up, but anyway. They are youth beds, I guess you would call them that. Beds made with the crib structure and mattress.
I have some pics I'll post later.
AND also, we are getting a camper this weekend!!! A BRAND NEW CAMPER!! I'm so excited!! I cannot believe it. I was so happy when we went last weekend and looked as some Pop-up campers, but now I'm even more excited, we are getting a big, beautiful, BRAND NEW camper!! I personally never in my life have owned anything brand new!!! I cannot wait. We are going to look at them this Saturday, and will maybe hopefully bring it home soon!! We need to do a few things to the truck to bring it home. Safety things. Like get front brakes!! Anyway. I cannot wait!!! I'll see if I can find some pictures of the camper to post... if not I'm taking my camera on Saturday so some time after that you will see some pics of it. : )
Chow, for now.

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