Wednesday, July 18, 2007

That's Baby...

This morning I was looking at some pictures on the computer and they were of twin toddlers, a little boy named Madden and a little girl named Bellamy. They are real cuties! Their mom is on the same twin-list that I'm on... so I check out their blog every now and then to see how they are doing, growing and changing. : ) The girls thought it was pretty great to see the pictures of the "babies". They call anyone that is under 8 (approx) a baby. It is neat to see how they rationalize that smaller children are babies. They call Trevor a baby too, once in a while, mostly they refer to him as "Trevor", which sounds a lot like dada.
Anyway, since I was looking at things on the computer I pulled up some pictures of the girls to see what they would say about themselves. It is pretty funny... there was a pic. of Bryan, Trevor, Lauren and Brooke... Brooke named everyone, but herself and then pointed to herself and said "Baby". I told her it was her, she just laughed and said "baby" again pointing at herself in the picture.
Then the same thing happened with Lauren, but she was mad/upset when I said it was her in the picture, she said "no! a baby!" I wonder at what age Trevor was able to recognize himself in pictures. Even in reflections they think they are some other baby. They both love to stand in front of the stove and look at the 'babies'. Quite funny. I have to get a picture of that one day. :)
They are just too darn cute and funny. So that is the rambling for today... maybe there will be more later... we'll see.


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