Monday, July 16, 2007

I Was doing good...

Hello everyone out there in blogger world. I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while to post pictures or some semi-interesting blog... things have just seemed sooo busy lately. I don't even know how many "reader" I have. BUT, if there are any of you out there, please except my apology and I'll be working on updating my blog today. Although with taking care of the kids, and doing some house work.
I'm on a roll. I keep watching these shows like Clean Sweep on TLC and Clean House ( I think it is called) on the HGTV channel... anyway... I'm motivated by these shows to 1. Never let my house get that bad... and 2. To get rid of a lot of shit!!! I have stuff that I save... just because I may need it one day... or because it was given to me by so-and-so. And I have a million other reasons why I keep stuff too... but really I'm learning to just Toss or Sell the stuff I know, some where inside, that I don't really want or need and shouldn't keep. Anyway... I'm working my way around the house... I need to do one room at a time, but without help and with THREE kids, forget about it. I did do the girls room and most of Trevor's room, and some of the kitchen... I'm still working on it all. : )
Anyway... I'll be around later to post some pictures and fill in some gaps. ~ Also, if you do follow this blog and are a reader of it... please leave me a comment here and there... or every where if you would like... that may just be the motivation I need to keep me typing away ~ to know some where out there someone is really reading this thing. : )
Well I'm signing out for now... be back later!!!


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