Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm BEAT!!!

Good morning everyone. I'm here sitting at the computer, because I made myself get up out of bed to do something this morning. This isn't exactly what I had in mind... but I'm still really tired from yesterday, so this is my way of being up and awake and out of bed... but not really doing much. I was leaning more towards getting some house work done. I feel like if Bryan had to get up this morning and go off to work, that I should at least get my lazy butt out of bed and do something around here. I know he is really tired today, and he didn't get to sleep on the way home last night like I did... although after seeing a horrible accident on the way down, I only dozed off here and there on the way home. It was this box truck, a BIG one, that had rolled, and smashed down a embankment on the highway, and was totally totalled. I said to Bryan, it looked like the driver was probably killed or seriously/critically injured. He agreed. I asked him how the hell you end up down off the road like that... and he said that the guy (we are assuming it was a guy) fell asleep. Then on the way home, I was really worried about Bryan falling asleep while we drove. We had an early start and a long, long, long day and about a 3 hour drive home, and it was really late. I would doze off and then wake up startled that I had fallen asleep... ask him how he was doing, look at the road and the speedometer, and close my eyes to rest. Then the same thing would happen again once I realized I had dozed off again.

Anyway... here is a quick recap of the weekend... well I'll start with Friday.

Friday: Wow! I can't really remember anything. LOL sorry. I know I had a yard sale... I guess that was it. I thought we did something Friday night though... Oh yeah!! DUH!!! We went to the circus. My mom and dad watched the girls... the show started only a half hour before their bedtime and we knew they would be tired and probably not get too much out of it... so maybe next year. But anyway... Trevor loved it. We went with Jamie, Matthew, Julia, Heather, Chris and Nick... and of course we took Trevor. He really loved it last year, but this year he liked it even better. The view was HORRIBLE... but he didn't seem to mind. Actually none of the kids seemed to mind... only us adults were complaining. Go figure. Anyway... here is some pics from the circus...

In order... it is Bryan and Trevor, Jamie and Julia, Matthew, Nick (making a silly face) and Trevor (Bryan in the background a little bit)

We had a great time. The boys all love the motocross bikes in this sphere cage. It was really cool how they had 4 (yeah, four) bikes all going at the same time in this little round cage. Some awesome stuff. The clowns were hilarious, and the tricks were amazing. They had three elephants do a whole little skit... wondrous what you can teach animals. They had dogs, and acrobats, a girl got shot out of a cannon, they had everything. It was a great time!! I can't wait till next years show, then the girls can come too, and I think Trevor might even enjoy it a little bit more then too!

I have some video of the bikes and elephants and some really cool acrobatics, but they are long, and I'm not sure how to upload them onto here. I'll try one day... but not today.

Okay on to SATURDAY!!!

Bryan was on-call for work... that is always sucky... but he did get to drag out a bunch of stuff for the yard sale!!! I didn't mention in the Friday recap... but on Friday at the yard sale I had about 30-40 people stop. I couldn't believe that there were that many people out and about, and willing to go to a yard sale. Maybe because they were still off from the 4th of July being on Wednesday... whatever the reason, I was happy to have that many people come. :) I sold a bunch of crap... and have a bunch more to go. I love it. I keep going through the house now, seeing what I can part with... or what my kids will part with... or what we really just don't need/want or use any more... there is a lot of shit to get rid of. I wish I had some more time to go through each room, and really do a "clean sweep". You know like the show on TLC... they have you empty the entire room out... usually into your yard... and then you sort you stuff... KEEP, TOSS, or SELL... and that is that. You have designated areas for each category and of course the KEEP section is the smallest. To help you alleviate some of your crap from your house. I would love to do that show... and love to have a few rooms made over in my house from professionals, and also really LOVE to get rid of a bunch of crap. I guess I could do it just myself... that would work... but not be as much fun. Maybe I will do it today with Trevor's room. His room has been in a up heave for a LONG, long, very long time. I don't know that there is much to get rid of ... he is just spoiled and has a lot of things... but maybe just maybe there is... and then maybe if I take everything out then there will be a better way to put it all or most or some of it back in a more organized neat way. I'm not sure I have the energy to finish a project like this today... but maybe. I'll have to see how the rest of the cleaning and house duties goes. I feel pretty good right now... but of course I have been sitting on my bum for a long time just typing away... not doing much of anything.

Back to SATURDAY.... Bryan brought a bunch of stuff out... and he was helping me at the yard sale, although he likes to make things really, really, really ridiculously cheap. I mean crazy. My mom came over to hang out for the day and help with the yard sale and the kids... and then my mom's friend Ronny stopped over too, and hung out kept my mom company while I was taking care of customers. And, Heather, Chris and Nick came over too! It was GREAT that they brought Nick with them, b/c Trevor and him entertained each other well. ;) The kids were happy as could be... they had been outside all day on Friday and then all day on Saturday... they were running wild!!

Saturday night, Bryan's brother's band was playing at a local bar... Dutches. So we went for a few hours, while my mom and dad, again, watched the kids. Thank God for them... or we would NEVER have a break. That was an interesting night. Not much to type about though. I'll save that for another story another day.

Sunday... hmmm what happened on Sunday... more yard sale going on! Made some money. Then what else did we do?? It has now been a week since then, it is now Monday, I started typing this on Wednesday or something... but anyway, I remember now... me and the kids went to Burger King with my parents, Jamie and Julia. Bryan didn't want to go, and Ralph and Matthew were at Boy Scout Camp. : ) Then we came home, Bryan the kids and I went to Lake Superior... the water was soooo warm!!! I couldn't believe how warm it was. But, I guess since it has been sooo hot out it was inevitable that it would be that nice. : ) Bry did some metal detecting... and you would not believe, he found a WHOPPING... and I mean whopping $.02!!! Wow!! Anyway.. the kids played in the water, and loved it. Trevor, the little dare devil he is... likes to walk all the way out so that the water is almost to his shoulders. I was having heart failure, worrying if he lost his balance and fell... he would be under for a while... UH!!! But he was okay... still don't want him to be out that far. We will have to discuss that before we go back again. The girls, are also dare devils, maybe even worse then Trev is... they, especially Brooke, who was first in the water, and last to get out... like to walk into the lake, until the water is up to their belly's or higher and then try to lay down on their belly. UH!!! Of course, they go right under... and then when you yank them up, they just smile wipe the water off their mouth and try to do it again. I was beyond busy trying to keep them all from being under the water!!! I'm glad that they enjoy the water though and aren't scared of it!!! We had a nice time!! The kids all rode home in just towels, thank God it isn't a far car ride... and no one had an accident in their car seat!! : )

Here are some pics....

I have a bunch more from the lake... But, I think I'll post them later. Actually, I'm going to wrap up what we did on Sunday and post this bad boy. lol Then I will go from there... Monday... then so on... until I get to today... which I hope to have some interesting post... but I doubt it... just some cleaning and organizing... I hope!!!
So to finish up Sunday... we came home from the lake, the kids all had a bath... got jammies on and the girls went to bed. Trevor was hanging out watching t.v. with Bryan and I went to my parents house to watch a movie on demand with my mom... it was called The Holiday... it was pretty cute! So that was the end of last weekend... now onto this past week in the next post!
I'll be back....


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