Monday, August 6, 2007

Fair & Not So Fair!

So last night we went to the Wayne County Fair... it is a really nice medium sized fair that is really reasonable with prices and has that "home-town" feeling to it. We go every year. I have been going since I was a little girl... my parents used to take me and my brothers every summer! Trevor loved it. He was there with Nick so they did a bunch of rides together... it was nice. Brooke and Lauren not too happy at first. They wanted to get down and be out of their stroller and do everything too! Who can blame them?? I mean I would have loved to get pushed around while reclining in a nice comfy, BRAND NEW stroller... but I guess at some point I would have gotten bored of that scene too and wanted to be FREE! They did alright though. Everyone went in to watch a stunt show in the stadium, and I couldn't find a spot with the stroller, and I knew that Lauren and Brooke were not going to sit great on the bleachers... so us girls went off on our own. We got a blooming onion... sooo yummy!! The girls loved this fair treat too! I was a little surprised, but happy they were trying it and sitting so nicely in their stroller. And then when we were done with that we walked around and saw the animals again, they were kind of scared of them, but Brooke warmed up to them pretty fast and kept asking to see the horses. Lauren, was not too happy when the horse would put their head down by the fence to see them. So we didn't stay too long checking out the animals, but long enough to keep us busy. We made about 25 loops around the fair, and through all the vendors and that sort of thing... and then we sat for a while and listened to some music... the girls were so funny. They saw someone slapping their hand on their knee to the beat of the music... so then they started doing it... and they were paying such close attention to doing that, that I don't think they were even hearing or paying attention to the music. It was cute. They have been copying a lot of things lately.
Trevor said the stunt show was "AWESOME"!!! I'm glad that he liked it so much. They had a clown and some motocross bikes, and they were racing cars, and jumping them, and they had random things on fire and blowing up!! You know stuff that any almost 4 yr old and almost 30 yr old would like! :) I do have some pictures from the fair... but they are still in the camera... when I get to down load them to the computer I'll post them of course.
What is not so fair, is that Lauren woke up this morning and her left arm is all swollen, right around her elbow, and half way up and down her arm. She had gotten bit by something and then we aren't sure if her scratching it or the bite itself did it... but some how she had an infection now... and has to be on antibiotics. Hopefully they will work great... otherwise she may need to be admitted to the hospital and have antibiotics through IV! The doctor traced where the infection went up and down her arm and all that... so we go back on Thursday and will find out how she is doing. Also, she took a swab of the puss she had on the bite area and will have a culture test done on it to see what is going on. Always something.
And, speaking of always something... I should go do something!! I'll post some pictures soon!


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